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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

First aired 06/24/10
Rank: 120/124
Reviews: 222
Rating: 54%

Leela and Zapp Brannigan find themselves stranded on an Eden-like planet.

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#41 by Johnny
Now, I actually liked this one more than the first one. Here's why... I've waited (like I said in the first review) for 7 years for new episodes and this is really the first episode since the cancellation that is a complete one-off. The movies are huge stories and even the first episode of this season is a continuation of the last movie. I am so happy to finally get a 22 minute one-off adventure. I loved the movies, but I can't wait for more of episodes that are unrelated for the most part.

Johnny gave 4 points

#42 by Jess Fletch
Not as good as the previous episode, a bit of a let down. Maybe it's because I never want to see that much of Zapp again.
It did make me laugh, but they're going to have to do better to get back on par with what we're all used to.

Jess Fletch gave 3 points

#43 by Gr3g10
Definitely not a strong showing for the show's return. Felt like I was watching a Family Guy episode at times, too much forced sexual humor (e.g. the orgy joke) Just did not feel like the old Futurama. There were a few parts that gave me hope for later episodes though. Heres to hoping.

Gr3g10 gave 2 points

#44 by Jacko
Overall, not good. Sorta like a Futurama fan tribute or something, as though the original staff hadn't made it... EXCEPT for the Captain-Video-esqu cut scenes with Zapp dreaming of seducing a low-budget Leela. Those were brilliant, and more to the point, seemed like real FUTURAMA, not a cheap knock-off like the rest of the episode. I remain cautiously hopeful about the future. If the shows stay at this level, though, it will be heartbreaking to watch Goening and Cohen drag out their beloved best work and s*** all over it.

Jacko gave 3 points

#45 by PatchChord_Adams
I don't see what all the fuss is about, this is a funny episode that uses some great side characters (Nixon and Zapp)

This episode may make shippers uneasy and disgusted but let's not forget Leeela was delirious and thought they were the only two humans left and couldn't get off the planet. This episode was a strong start to a promising season. Peace out Y'all!

PatchChord_Adams gave 4 points

#46 by frogsnot43
Thanks SO much for bringing back Futurama! It's the greatest! Keep it coming please!

frogsnot43 gave 5 points

#47 by Julian
The V-Giny ship was really cool and seeing Leela in nothing but leaves added to the coolness.

Julian gave 5 points

#48 by King Rat
The Transcredible Exploits of Zapp Brannigan were easily the funniest scenes from both episodes of the night. I thought the V-GINY ship was interesting but not necessarily funny. The ending seemed to come out of nowhere and was more wtf? than funny but it was still a good episode overall.

King Rat gave 4 points

#49 by Otis P Jivefunk
Ep started out great, was funny and Zapp was on great form for the first half. Loved the DIY Nimbus. Then things got a bit stupid and took a turn for the worse. This dragged it down below the quality of Rebirth in my opinion. I liked the concept of the episode, but Zapp stranded with Leela should have been much more funny. Leela thinking her and Zapp were the last humans (mutant and human then) alive after the Earth blows up (well when she thought it had), but heeeellloooo; do you really think every human is on Earth at that exact moment in time and only you two were off on another planet? (even though it wasn't, but that's not the point) So you're absolutely sure that no one else from Earth is in space anywhere at all? Somehow you were, and enough to make out with the Zapper. Seemed a bit too dumb to me...

Talking snake, eh. Then Zapp explaining everything, was funny the first time, maybe even twice, but beyond that it got annoying. I still liked the ep, but the second half is not up to Futurama's usual standard...

Otis P Jivefunk gave 3 points

#50 by Funtasquatch
It was like watching Family Guy.

Funtasquatch gave 2 points

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