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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Attack of the Killer App
First aired 07/01/10
Rank: 117/124
Reviews: 223
Rating: 59%

Fry posts an embarrassing video of Leela online.

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#41 by Lutrani
This was a superb episode after the first two less-than great starters. Plenty of humor and real-world parodies (my boyfriend has an iPhone and the in-jokes just killed me here), and more importantly the characters were acting the way they used too. Fry being an idiot and making it up, Leela being the environmental crusader (well for a few moments anyway). I feel like the writers are getting their stride back. Not quite Jurassic Bark, but its getting there.

Lutrani gave 5 points

#42 by Gorky
Really funny episode, with an emotional hook (Fry and Leela) to give it a bit more resonance and elevate it to higher levels than your run-of-the-mill gag-driven episode. Keep it up, writers, because I'm loving this season so far.

Gorky gave 4 points

#43 by Marc
The best of the new season: the first episode had too much plot in it and the second one had an odd structure (which is not nescessarily bad, but since it's the beginning of the new run, it was confusing). So far I think the new episodes hold up quite well against the older ones: they aren't the best things futurama, but neither are they worst, or even close to that.

It feels as though people who are criticising the new episodes barely remember the old show: There has always been an abundance of weird, wacky, disgusting, dirty and even current episodes (especially the enviromental ones). If all the new episodes are like this, it'll be a drop in the overall quality, but as long as the season will be balanced, there's nothing wrong with the episode.

Marc gave 4 points

#44 by Geoff
This episode was definitely better than the previous two, and continues an upward arc in the quality of the new season.

A few comments, both on this episode and in general:

- It's still a bit too frenetic - the best episodes of both Futurama and The Simpsons took some time to let their jokes sink in before moving on.

- I'm still not a fan of either the goat or the boil. I wouldn't go so far as to say the show has become South Park or Family Guy, but the gross-out jokes just aren't that clever, or funny. One-off humor in this vein can be funny without being overwhelming... but my impression is that the creators (either on their own or at the behest of Comedy Central) have tried to make the show "edgier" with the shift in networks, and have tried to force all those edgier jokes into the first few episodes, rather than dole them out more sparingly. I suspect that the quantity of these jokes, rather than just them being unpleasant, is the problem here.

- I didn't think the topicality was that bad. Sure, Twitter and Facebook are easy targets, but the show actually had some funny things to say about the internet as a whole, using them as a foundation: for example, the 2 second Hypnotoad clip was entertaining, as were the various ads. Futurama is always at its best when coming up with this kind of witty humor and even if we've forgotten about both ten years from now, I don't think this was a wasted effort.

Overall, the show still hasn't (re-)found its groove, but the fact that it's trending upwards at least suggests that the first few mis-steps are an aberration, or maybe a learning curve, rather than a "new direction" for the series. I'm more optimistic now that Futurama is heading in the right direction and that once it gets more comfortable with the lack of obvious boundaries on Comedy Central, it won't feel the need to test them as much.

Geoff gave 4 points

#45 by Aki
A hilariously episode with lots of great jokes as well as an emotional core, and I loved the ending with the zombie thing ending in a total anticlimax and a response to the rush to the technology releases of the 21st century... Ofcourse some jokes will be less apparant in the future, but the same thing goes with old eps like the global warming ones and I Dated a Robot.

Aki gave 5 points

#46 by asf
I think too that old ones were more timeless and new, according these new three, which is quite small amount to justify whole season, are more tied to present and make fun of things from this time. But about episode, i think its the best so far, it was funny and some kind it reached that old futurama, and i liked it. But cos of that timelessness thing i give 4 out of 5. i hope those other new episodes arent so tied in this time

asf gave 4 points

#47 by Jor-el (MOS)
The good:
-The jokes were pretty funny and I actually laughed out loud a couple times
-zoidberg and the prof stay on cue with their respective personalities.

The bad:
-This episode will certainly become stale after everybody is done with twitter, iphone, etc. (Older episodes dont have this problem in my opinion)
-Fry and Leela's relationship has basically become nonexistent again even after we saw them get close in the movies, which is incredibly frustrating
-unfortunately the boil joke seemed very out of place for futurama and reminded me of something out of south park or family guy
-The plot overall was basically a simpsons social commentary in futurama form, which is not what futurama is good at.

Bottom line: Funny but I probably wont watch it again willingly because of its simple jokes and uncharacteristically gross humor. 3/5

Jor-el (MOS) gave 3 points

#48 by FuturamaFan
I liked most of the episode. I loved the jokes aimed at the iphone and twitter.

Though I though that the boil thing was pretty bad. I didn't really like it, although the voice was great.
They could have easily come up with another embarrassing thing for Leela. (Are you reading this Matt and David?)

The boil gag potentially violates the show's continuity. Of course, knowing the writers, they will probably just pretend it never happened several episodes later.

Still, I felt that it was a good episode and I am looking forward to the next episodes, they sound very promising.

FuturamaFan gave 4 points

#49 by Will-o-wisp
For the people saying that this episode won't feel fresh in a couple years due to the use of Twitter and iPhones, wasn't there an episode in a previous season that dealt with Napster and stealing music? Futurama is not like The Simpsons and Family Guy as far as having current events and trends being the focus, but sometimes they're there.

I feel that this episode was the best of the new season so far, and certainly a better episode than the second one. The goat alien joke was rather un-Futurama-like though, and it felt more like a punchline to a Family Guy episode, and the Susan Boyle/Boil joke did feel rather lame.

I hope the episodes can continue this trend so that the future episodes are even better.

Will-o-wisp gave 4 points

#50 by nanoIam
what the hell has happened since the last movie? this has to be the worst episode of futurama ever. Or untill the next one comes out. Clearly the wormhole lead to a retarded humor universe.

nanoIam gave 1 point

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