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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

A Leela of Her Own
First aired 04/07/02
Rank: 122/124
Reviews: 455
Rating: 50%

When Leela is signed to the New New York Mets, she is thrilled to be the first female major league blernsball player.

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#51 by PCC Fred
It's a better than average episode, it's got a good plot and the jokes are funny, but it pales in comparison to The Simpsons' "Homer at the Bat".

The first few minutes reminded me of that episode of "Seinfeld" where Jerry tries to help the Pakistani restaurant owner, and the ending could have done without the towel gag.

PCC Fred gave 4 points

#52 by Fry/Flexo Fan
A mostly likeable, if somewhat thinly plotted episode, helped no end by the scenes in the pizza parlour and its alien owners.

The main storyline, involving Leela, is mostly watchable, and manages to include some nice sequences (a good example being Bender and Amy during the slow motion shot, and also Hermes preserving his sweat). The worst player in all history (I've forgotten his name) was also a nice touch.

My major gripe? The ending. The fact that Leela failed in her quest is somewhat unsatisfactory. Or rather, very unsatisfactory. I know that some people hate happy endings, but surely they're better than something that ends in this kind of depressingly humourless way?

Fry/Flexo Fan gave 3 points

#53 by Otis P Jivefunk
Good episode, but not enough Sci-Fi or cool visuals. I’m not that keen on sport related episodes, and Blurnsball wasn’t insane enough. Some great moments, but as a whole I didn’t find it anything special. Bender was the comic relief, Leela was in character, nothing much to complain about, but nothing particularly original either, just another good Futurama.

Otis P Jivefunk gave 3 points

#54 by me too
I can't believe fox may cancel this show. shows how much these idiots know about t.v. Anyway, this episode wasn't bad at all. I liked the alien pizzeria at the beginning the best and how it cleaned up at the end.

me too gave 4 points

#55 by Alien_77
Liked it !

Alien_77 gave 4 points

#56 by Marc :O)
One of the funniest episodes i've seen so far, couldn't stop laughing :D

Marc :O) gave 5 points

#57 by Marten
Urgh, it's really terrible to realise this actually *was* a Futurama-episode.

Sure it had some good stuff in it, but come on! In comparison to what brilliant episodes have been made in the past, this was not good enough by far. It lacked every form of freshness, absurdism and over-the-top-ness that makes this show so great. Remember the first appearance of Blernsball in Futurama? THAT was weird, ergo fantastic! This was just plain dumb stupid sports. The only nice touch was the appearance of the giant mice in the end.

I admit: I'm Dutch and don't know much (if anything) about the American baseball-culture, but I don't think an episode may revolve around one subject this intensively.

I think this was the worst episode so far. Which makes me extremely sad!

Marten gave 1 point

#58 by Dimitri9mm
As a principle I won't give any Futurama episodes the lowest rating (unless they one day make one where Bender does not apear)
But why, WHY make a retarded, iliterate, disabled jellyfish write the script and make the actors and animators waste their talent?
On a bad day Dr. Zoidberg could have done better with his claws tied on his back!

Dimitri9mm gave 2 points

#59 by Sir Spam-a-loy
You pretty much have to be a baseball fan (which I am) to get a lot of the jokes, and if you're not, it's not that funny.

Sir Spam-a-loy gave 5 points

#60 by cj
deserves a better rating

cj gave 5 points

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