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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Where No Fan Has Gone Before
First aired 04/21/02
Rank: 50/124
Reviews: 286
Rating: 84%

Fry is put on trial for his life for traveling to the forbidden planet of Omega 3 to retrieve all 79 episodes of "Star Trek", and he must defend the claim that human kind needs "Star Trek" to give them hope for the future.

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#51 by Zanshin
I think this in one of the best episodes of season 4. It had a lot of funny stuff, though nothing to knock me off my seat, it was an entertaining episode all the way through.

Why did I only give it 4 out of 5 stars??? Well, I think that the episode might not be as throughly enjoyable for non-hard core Trek fans and they would miss out on about half of the jokes. I am still waiting to test out this theory on my friends. Then again, I wonder if any Futurama fans are not also hard core Star Trek Fans too?

Zanshin gave 4 points

#52 by Barbara
One of the best episodes next to The Slurm Factory. This is Futurama at it's best. It sure as hell beats the crap outa the other dumbass shows Fax has decided to put on *cough* Greg the Bunny *cough* They need to bring back Futurama and leave it the F*CK alone!

Barbara gave 5 points

#53 by PMottaz
Most shows fail miserably when it comes to guest stars. But the whole premise of Futurama lends itself very easily (and goofily) to guest stars. They become part of the joke, being heads in a jar. This is one of the most solid episodes of the year, and it works in many directions. The characters are bright and interesting, and true to their original set ups, and the action of the episode is quick and well paced with lots of funny worked in.

Great work, and if this was the last episode of the series, they picked a good one.

PMottaz gave 5 points

#54 by Elwood
OMG BEST EPISODE EVER <comic book guy voice> The sad thing is 90% of the gags only work if you have watched a lot of star trek so non star trek fans are left out here... this is kinda futurama's problem to begin with ohwell. Us geeks can enjoy it while it lasts

Elwood gave 5 points

#55 by BQ
As an avid Trek fan for so many years, I have to say this had to be one of the funniest televison shows I've ever seen!

Everything about this episode had me nearly wetting myself from laughter! Jonathan Frakes' brief cameo was a classic.

I am definitely going to miss Futurama. :-(

BQ gave 5 points

#56 by Dale
This would have been a five if there hadn't been all the whiney fan-bashing. The satire was great. Who would would have thought to have Shatner doing the Real Slim Shady? If these guys really hate their fans (both Trek AND Groening) then they should GO AWAY. Take the bad with the good, obsessive fans and all.

Dale gave 4 points

#57 by Luke
This episode rocks. Cannot remember laughing this loud (1a2b...) for a long time :)

Luke gave 5 points

#58 by Jim
A gem in a season that I think was mainly subpar. An instant classic, making my top five eps ever. I can't understand why they couldn't get Jimmy Doohan to come back as Scotty, although for some reason, I think the whole idea of "Welshie" was just plain hilarious.


Jim gave 5 points

#59 by Enigmatic
This was definately one of the best ever! The clever little references to the actors and characters of Star Trek was classic. The spoken word version of Slim Shady by Shatner was one of the funniest parts cos I remember when he released that God awful album of his. When Futurama can be this great, why cancel it?

Enigmatic gave 5 points

#60 by Mark
Awesome, simply awesome.

Mark gave 5 points

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