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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Three Hundred Big Boys
First aired 06/15/03
Rank: 58/124
Reviews: 515
Rating: 83%

After the latest victory, President Nixon distributes the silken spoils of war as a $300 tax rebate.

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#51 by Zoidbler
This is one of the few episodes of Futurama I have actually disliked somewhat. Although it did get better at the end, the beginning just didn't hold my attention. It seemed as if they were trying too hard to be funny.

Zoidbler gave 2 points

#52 by fo0bar
You know, Season 5 has played with my mind. The fact that Fox waits too long between playing new episodes (this week being a fluke) makes my anticipation towards an episode grow, but when the episode actually plays I'm usually disappointed. I'll have to watch Season 5 again in syndication and re-evaluate my opinions about these episodes.

As for this particular episode, the premise of the plot (president giving out $300) would have been funnier if, oh say, IT WAS AIRED A YEAR OR SO AGO. Ehh, blame fox. As for the rest of the episode, it seemed a little forced and my mind wandered at times.

I seem to be the minority these days, but incredible amounts of puke are NOT funny.

Excuse me while I go watch Why of Fry again.

fo0bar gave 3 points

#53 by Werewolf
I'm usually glad to see ANY type of futurama... but I absoluted HATED this episode. The plot was almost non-existant, the jokes were forced and the characters were, well, out of character.

Werewolf gave 1 point

#54 by Hermes'ZombieGrandma
I saw what they were trying to do, to have everyone in the world get $300 and go nuts with it and exploding at Zap's party. It just didn't work. Too many sotires. You needed to Have maybe two characters have main plots and knock the rest down to one liners.

The best part was Fry saving the day, but the rest was sadder then a green snake without a sugar cane.

Hermes'ZombieGrandma gave 3 points

#55 by TVGeX
This episode was more random jokes that anything, nd was reminicant of the "newer" Simpsons, but Futurama's random jokes were still funnier.

TVGeX gave 3 points

#56 by Eric Smith
Two words: Burglar Tools. Bender is the best.

Eric Smith gave 5 points

#57 by Kristi
This was a great episode! I loved the way there were a lot of little plots going on and they intertwined. Of course, when you have a lot of little plots and no big one, some are sure to be duds. My rundown of the plots:

Leela: kinda boring. She didnít really do much. Bender: not that great, but Iím glad he got closure at the end. Amy and Kif: not that interesting (although Kif was actually tolerable when he was in jail). Hermes and Dwight: it was okay. I forgot about this plot until the very end when they showed up at the banquet. Scruffy: his hair looked good, but it was pointless. Farnsworth: there were some great Farnsworth moments in this episode. I liked when he got wrinkly and his girlfriend got fat. And then a couple minutes later she was topless. Eww! Zoidberg: this plot seemed to go nowhere the first two acts, but it was great at the end with the hobos. It was touching and gave the episode (and plots) closure. Fry: the actual coffee drinking and pop-up bullets weren't very funny, but they led to the best part of the episode, which brings me to:

The best part of the episode: when Fry drank the 100th cup of coffee. I almost died laughing when he was orderly again and glowed and that choir/holy music started playing. Actually, that was the only part of the whole episode I laughed out loud at.

I also liked all the minor characters that popped up (Nixon, Morbo, Zapp, Kif, Mom and her sons, the two cops, Elzar, etc.). I'm glad they're showing a lot of minor characters again before the show ends.

Overall, this episode was offbeat and different. Some of the plots weren't great, but the characters and interactions made up for it. I may have only laughed once, but I was consistently entertained. This is a wonderful episode and deserves a 5.

Kristi gave 5 points

#58 by Ray
It was OK, but too many plots in this one. 4-5 stories, and no single one really had the time to get fully developed. The plot lines had a lot of potential, but I think they all got shortchanged.
Multi-plot episodes can work, as in the Simpsons episodes Trilogy of Error (Run Lola Run parody) or 22 short stories of Springfield. Usually they all come together and complement each other, and the viewer goes A-ha! but that wasn't the case tonight...Oh well! Counting down the last episodes with the rest of ya

Ray gave 3 points

#59 by Jamie
It was pretty funny but it could have beel a lot better. 3.5/5 but

Jamie gave 3 points

#60 by marquita
I didn't really care for this episode too much. The last two episodes were just brilliant but this one was kind of loose. The story plot wasn't strong enough and the comedy level was below average....But I still love the show.

marquita gave 2 points

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