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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

The Duh-Vinci Code
First aired 07/15/10
Rank: 92/124
Reviews: 160
Rating: 76%

The crew races to future Rome to unearth the shocking secret of Leonardo da Vinci.

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#51 by Jerms
FINALLY - a solid episode that could've been pulled from earlier seasons. For people complaining about Fry's intelligence level, really?!? What show have you been watching all this time? It's been pretty well established that Fry is as close to retarded as he can be while still (somewhat) functioning. If the new season continues like this, it'll turn out great.

Jerms gave 5 points

#52 by Rob
"Oh my god!"

What part of this episode is funny? This is the saddest thing I've ever seen.

What did they do to Futurama!?

Rob gave 1 point

#53 by Stoney
to "#45 by Jfroneb1" the 'mile deep' club was referring to 'the mile high club' which is a club you belong to if you have sex with someone in an aeroplane for example since you are a metaphorical mile above the ground (most times more) and since they where far under ground he was asking her if she wanted to join the "mile deep" club...

Anyway this episode was awesome. And I think that they have opted to ignore the relationship conclusions they made between fyr and leela to get back to that cat and mouse game they had before end of the movies. they could however have acheived that in better ways.

Loved the episode.

Stoney gave 5 points

#54 by Finally
The best episode of the season by far, in my opinion. This was a good example of how to do parody inoffensively: I didn't mind the (extremely) dated pop culture references because they were just a starting point for the overall plot.

- People stayed in character

- There was a cohesive plot, with an actual story arc

- The writers didn't feel compelled to reference the Da Vinci Code excessively, and the Professor had a legitimate reason to be interested in Da Vinci

- The jokes were often clever (I was cool to the hammer/nail thing until I saw it referenced again at the end, quite well)

- The writers continued a problem I had with the movies, which is that the jokes' timing seemed off. They appeared almost frantic, wtih too many jokes for the punchline to sink in. The show could use more editing, removing the sub-par efforts and letting the plot play out more easily. This was even more apparently when followed with the well-timed Roswell episode.

- The overall pacing seemed off, with the show unsure if it should go for a full-blown Da Vinci Code-style mystery or the planet plot. The result was that the exposition was rushed and the first half seemed to be strained so they could get to the "payoff" of the planet in the second half.

- Fry wasn't necessarily "too dumb", but the show insisted on beating us over the head with the idea. The game show was enough to bring up the subject, no need to make it overly obvious

These are relatively minor concerns compared with what the show got right... I'll be more than happy if it stays at this level.

Finally gave 4 points

#55 by Humor Bot 5.0
Good to see the Space Pope

Humor Bot 5.0 gave 5 points

#56 by Nemo
There were a few good jokes, but this is the first time ive nearly fallen asleep while watching Futurama. This show was better off cancelled.

Nemo gave 1 point

#57 by BigFuturamaFan
Best episode of the new season by far. The other episodes are good too, but this one was the best yet imo.

Happy to see that many people like this one, and that this one is the best rated one yet of the new season.

I give it a 10/10. It's funny and the ending is very emotional.

BigFuturamaFan gave 5 points

#58 by Wilburfarce
What a great episode. If I didn't know better, id say that this was made during the original run. exceptional!

as for the buffoons that gave this a 1; have you ever been a futurama fan? are you trying to be elitist? seriously, if you didn't like this episode, then you never really liked futurama like many of us tried and true fans.

Wilburfarce gave 5 points

#59 by Dr, Z
Wow, I had pretty much written off new Futurama because of how mediocre episodes 3 and 4 were but this episode restored my faith in the Futurama reboot. Granted, it wasn't as good as Futurama in its prime but man, this was a funny episode. The writing is better and all I think they have to do is remove pop-culture references and sex humor and Futurama will be back on its feet again. Most of the Fry bashing didn't sit well with me because I don't think he's that dumb, but it was good to see the angry, money grubbing, jerky bender again. Cheers to the rest of the season, lets hope it is this good or even better.

(Maybe they can start delivering stuff again?)

Dr, Z gave 4 points

#60 by Magical Hamster
This was a mad, mad, mad episode. The only glaring problem was that they tried to wrap up the plot too quickly. They could have easily cut out a minute or so of "the search" to give Davinchi a better death then a fallen gear. Other than that, though, great. It made me laugh and it tickled my...thing that uses imagination...thing.

Magical Hamster gave 4 points

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