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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

That Darn Katz!
First aired 08/05/10
Rank: 106/124
Reviews: 195
Rating: 69%

Earth is invaded by a race of intelligent cats.

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#51 by ElectricZoNe
I knew this episode wasn't going to be as good as last weeks and this episode wasn't my favorite but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it. Had quite a handful of funny moments. I like that this episode went over the whole reason Amy was even at Planet Express that they mentioned in the episode "The series has landed".

The only part I really didn't care for was the cats dancing.

ElectricZoNe gave 4 points

#52 by Phantom Phreak
I laughed throughout the entire episode, so has to be a 5 in my book. Plus I think it may have been one of the best cold openings of any show ever. I had to rewind since I missed the beginning from too much laughter.

Phantom Phreak gave 5 points

#53 by cap708g
I wish I could give this one a 3.5, but I'll round up to 4. It was a typical episode: not great, but still entertaining. My only concern is that most cartoons always end with the way things started; the pretext remains unchanged. In this episode, however, Amy became a Doctor, Nibbler became a crew member, and the Earth's rotation changed. I'm a little concerned that more and more permanent changes are occurring. It breaks the marketing mode of "branding" in that casual viewers can tune in and always know what to expect.

cap708g gave 4 points

#54 by X
This season is delivering more ups and downs than any other. Amy as a main character simply doesn't work the way Hermes did in Lethal Inspection. Lethal Inspection took a relatively undeveloped character and made us like him. This episode, however, takes another tertiary character like Amy and assumes we already do like her.

The writers also act as if treating Amy and Nibbler as main characters is a perfectly normal thing to do, when in reality, you'd have to give us a pretty damn good reason for that to happen. It worked in Lethal Inspection -- Bender needed information from the Bureacracy, and Hermes (as we all know) is a bureaucrat. Voila. Here, it turns out Amy is allergic to cats. Okay. So she has a little adventure. Okay. There were a couple times when I thought I was watching a kids' show. An evil talking cat tries to destroy the world with a zany, brainy scheme. Animaniacs? Pokemon? Inspector Gadget?

No, sadly, Futurama.

X gave 1 point

#55 by natureboyfig4
I thought it was pretty good, even though the script borrowed heavily from the Powerpuff Girls episode "Cat Man Do".(evil cat hypnotizes people to create a doomsday device)

natureboyfig4 gave 4 points

#56 by Pail
Good jokes, shitty script,


Pail gave 3 points

#57 by Splufay
I obviously had high standards from last weeks episode, and I feel that took a load of joy off this episode. But still, it made me laugh out loud alot (especially the cats dancing nearly made me pee myself) and in my opinion, any show that makes you laugh out loud is worthy of a five.

Splufay gave 5 points

#58 by Nestly
I liked it! It was a nice and refreshing silly episode, compared to last weeks more touching episode.

I liked it a lot because I could relate to Amy and I like when cats are portrayed as evil selfish balls of fur. I don't like cats and I'm as allergic to them as Amy is. Plus, they're not as cute as everyone thinks they are. :P

I also liked how Nibbler's plot finally advances. I was hoping he'd be able to speak to the crew now since the 1st movie revealed that. We needed something new to happen with him.

Nestly gave 4 points

#59 by Matt
Just a terrible episode. Amy should not be focus point of any episode. Something is missing from the new season........

Matt gave 1 point

#60 by Treg
Maybe I needed to take a physics class to understand the whole Earth rotation transferring to another planet thing.. because I didn't get it.

Overall.. pretty "meh" to me. Not terrible.

Treg gave 3 points

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