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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Futurama Holiday Spectacular
First aired 11/21/10
Rank: 124/124
Reviews: 165
Rating: 44%

The holiday season is approaching fast and the Planet Express crew celebrates X-Mas, Robonica, and Kwanzaa all in one episode.

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#51 by Nic
This is the worst Futurama episode I have ever seen. Each segment felt rushed, incomplete and ultimately pointless. No reason to revisit the already flawed concept of Robot Santa and mash it up with a 3-in-1 style episode. Such a shame that a wonderful season had to end with such a rotten, disappointing episode.

Nic gave 1 point

#52 by James
I love futurama, but I have to say this was not a great episode. It just wasn't funny.

James gave 2 points

#53 by An Angry Fan
Seriously, we waited two months for THIS?!?!? Futurama staff, stop being lazy and get back to writing good humor and memorable songs! Why the hell did they mention Family Guy with that Kool-Aid joke, and seriously, what's up with the bees suddenly talking English? But wait, there's more! Killing the crew on all of their stories, sloppy story pacing, jokes falling flat on their faces? Clever writing in sight? More like a total disaster if you ask me! Three bad stories given to us in 20 minutes! That's a fantastic record for Futurama to be holding right?

A huge disappointment, and just as bad as that Attack Of The Killer App episode, maybe even worse than that! Futurama this season has had more episodes sinking to lower standards than even getting close to meeting them! Personally, I'm getting sick and tired of having to wait for good episodes to arrive after so many weeks and months of waiting!

An Angry Fan gave 1 point

#54 by Ooga Booga
There are only about 4 episodes this season that I can safely say were wonderful. 4 out of 13 is a serious decline in quality from previous seasons. I have no idea what is wrong. The movies were not long ago and they were all absolutely fantastic. This episode was disappointing after such a long wait. Also, please do not bring back Al Gore. This episode would have been improved dramatically without his superfluous appearance.

How much longer will I have to wait hopefully for the writers to hit their stride again? I miss the quick pacing and the perpetually witty dialogue. There is also too much of a focus on the ensemble in every episode now. The whole planet express crew only works when the story justifies it (e.g The Prisoner of Benda). Otherwise, the plot should focus on the three central characters of Fry, Bender and Leela and stop trying to cram in appearances from secondary and tertiary characters.

Ooga Booga gave 2 points

#55 by starmarx
Pretty good. It was a cool episode, definitely in the top 5 for season 6, but it seemed to rushed. I think it would have been better to either make it a double/triple length episode, or just make it a three episode "to be continued..." saga. Cant wait for season 7!

starmarx gave 4 points

#56 by Disappoinator
I am 40 years old - I wear Futurama Socks and Futurama Shirts and my bed wears (my wife hates ;-) Futurama bedclothing - I just want to proof: I am still a great a giant fan. But this episode is and stays horrible. There have been some real highlights last year, I still love the time-machine episode as my all-time-favourite. But this last thing, was worth 0 points.

Disappoinator gave 1 point

#57 by Nerd
Laughed the whole time

Nerd gave 5 points

#58 by NotFunny
This was no appropriate ending for this season of futurama. Few laughs, crappy songs - just boring. :-(

NotFunny gave 1 point

#59 by Smeds
All the episodes seem to just be getting weirder and stranger. It's like that's the main reason we should be laughing, due to the pure ridiculousness of the situation. The musical numbers were not particularly good, musically, (compared to previous ones in the series) but because of how lame they were, that kind of made them funny? I don't know if that was what was intended.
Gags like the albino humping worm (which was hilarious) are becoming more few and far between in these episodes. I hope they can bring the writing back to fives sometime next year.

Smeds gave 4 points

#60 by GarageSale
A poor episode, if not the worst of this current production series thus far and, I may even go as far as saying it is the worst episode of all time to date.

And I don't care what anyone says, there have been a lot of mediocre to poor episodes in the current run. More so I feel any other previous series had. Ok so there's still the other half to come.

Maybe they left the best until last. I sure as hell hope they did because the ratings are only going to go down if they carry on like this, no matter how many die-hard fans there are out there who find everything funny and rate everything a five. The ratings weren't exactly particularly great to begin with, even for a cable channel.

I love Futurama and, although some episodes suck and some are utter brilliance... If it is reduced to this kind of mindless pap I'd rather it finish it's next run off to some degree of dignity and end it on a good note rather than watch it get cancelled yet again...

GarageSale gave 1 point

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