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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Law & Oracle
First aired 07/07/11
Rank: 12/124
Reviews: 133
Rating: 91%

Fed up with his go-nowhere job, Fry joins the police force.

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#51 by (another) Marc
Classic episode, with Scruffy, Roberto, Hedonismbot and many LOL moments!

Fry: "Hello. I'd like to enroll Police academy."
Officer: "You think you can just waltz in here with no pants, and become a cop?"
Fry: "That's the plan."
Officer: "I like you kid, I've got no pants on either."
Fry: "I can see that. You're quite a bit taller than me."

Pickles: "... to know the punchline of every joke, hours in advance."
Fry: "Like watching Leno!"

Farnsworth: "I hereby promote you to ... executive delivery boy!"
Fry: "Executive..?"
Hermes: "It's a meaningless title, but it helps insecure people feel better about themselves."
cue credits: "Executive Producers Matt Groening / David X. Cohen"

Fortunately I still have old 3D glasses and yes, it works!!

For the really geeky: look up 'Law of Lorentz invariance' and 'Schrödinger's cat'.

6 stars!

(another) Marc gave 5 points

#52 by Gore
Another fantastic episode. Loving the new season so far!

Gore gave 5 points

#53 by Luke
One of the best episodes ever.

Luke gave 5 points

#54 by James
I'm in the minority opinion with this episode. I have a lot to say about Law and Oracle. This episode was good until the very last seconds.

For once, I felt like Fry was going to accomplish something. Throughout the shows run he's been viewed as a loser, lazy, incompetent and a slacker by his peers. This episode was good until the end for two reasons.

The first reason was because it reminded everyone that Fry is the very heart of this show. The Planet Express scenes proved this. The second reason I liked it was because Fry actually worked well as a police officer. For once, I felt like Fry was going to get the respect he deserved. Then Fry's plan to arrest the Oracle was clever and thought out. At this point, it was easilty in my Top 20. Everything was great and then the episode derails due to bad pacing in the third act.

In this episode, Fry grows as a character by becoming a police officer. IMO the show should have explored this further. Instead, Fry gets fired. Fry gets his promotion but Hermes whispered its a meaningless job title. Fry says a witty line that proves Hermes point. In the end, Fry is still a loser, a slacker, lazy and looks stupid. Now, I wonder what was the point of the episode. My main concern with Futurama is that it refuses to change. If it continues I'm afraid it will become like the Simpsons which is the king of this trope. The newer episodes are better then the previous season, although they rely to heavily on plots from previous movies and the old run. I'm for continuity, I just don't like recyled plots. Is Fry always going to be a loser and never get the respect he deserves? Besides TLPJF, POB or MIR is the relationship with Leela always going to be "iffy" or ignored until the very end of every Series Finale? Will there be a major game changer for the show? In the end I liked this episode. I would recommend it. I was just disappointed by bad pacing and the story's misuse of Fry.

James gave 3 points

#55 by PhyootchurBoi
The most I've laughed at any episode since the show's return... I'd love to see more like this!

PhyootchurBoi gave 5 points

#56 by Zach
Great Episode

Zach gave 5 points

#57 by folder

folder gave 5 points

#58 by turkinaa
great episode from start to finish. great references.

turkinaa gave 5 points

#59 by Mandoza
Great episode! 5 stars! Mmmmandoza!

Mandoza gave 5 points

#60 by Scrappylive
Wow, this is by far my least favorite episode of Futurama. I stopped paying as much attention after only a few minutes but still listened and looked at it occassionally while looking up reviews on the episode. I was so surprised to not find any negative reviews of this episode. It was not very funny (I did laugh a few times, but very few times). The writing was very weak, flat, and uni-dimensional. It was not sharp at all and rather than having wit and humor, the characters explicitly stated everything you the viewer should think for yourself. This is okay to do every now and then as it is ironic and humorous when you do it once, but they did it sooo many times in this episode.

I noticed so many errors and things that do not make sense. I know that Futurama never takes itself or its canon too seriously, but there are some things they follow. You can't have a cart with wheels if the technology of wheels doesn't exist! Planet Express does not make pizzas, so why would they deliver them? Even in the future, they cannot go past the speed of light. Sure, the scientists increased the speed of light, but that doesn't mean you can go faster than it.

The pacing was too fast. There was often no connection between subsequent events.

Josh Weinstein wrote this episode. The only other episode he wrote was That Darn Katz!, which I also disliked.

Don't get me wrong - I do like some of the new episodes and I continue to defend the new seasons even though some episodes are weak. But this is the worst one yet (except maybe The Futurama Holiday Spectacular).

Scrappylive gave 1 point

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