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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

A Head in the Polls
First aired 12/12/99
Rank: 51/124
Reviews: 140
Rating: 84%

Bender sells his body to a pawn shop when the value of titanium soars. While Bender's head hangs out with Claudia Schiffer's at the "Hall of Heads", Richard Nixon's head joins the race for President of the World using Bender's body.

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#61 by Zam Brannigan
While Nixon is before my time, I can tell you that he was possibly the worst president ever. He raped the office and screwed over the nation. Pissing on his grave? He deserves no better. Aboslutely wonderful send-up. And a great episode to boot.

My favorite line (it's been a while, so I'm paraphrasing:
Bender: Get a room!
Man in room: We're in a room.
Bender: Then lose some weight!"

Zam Brannigan gave 5 points

#62 by captain_nemo
The Scary Door introduction is THE funniest thing ever.

Every time I hear that intro I am on the floor, eating the carpet to stop laughing.

'You are in the vicinity of an area adjacent to a location. A place where there may be a monster or some kind of weird mirror. These are just examples, it could also be something much better. Prepare to enter.... The Scary Door!'

The rest of the episode is also quite good.

captain_nemo gave 5 points

#63 by Ostego
Tow terrific candidates, huh Morbo?"
"All humans are vermin in the eyes of Morbo!"

God bless Matt Groening

Ostego gave 5 points

#64 by Benderfan3000
WHY 80?

Benderfan3000 gave 5 points

#65 by Benderfan12
This episode is the greatest episode of season two alongside classics like ''Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love'', and ''Anthology of Interest 1''. The brilliant political satire and supreb 3-D animation ( Richard Nixon's huge robot suit in the end) make this episode a must see. Many of the jokes were probably over most peoples' heads, like what Fry says to Leela ( after they find out Richard Nixon had been staying in the hotel Watergate),
Fry: Why would Nixon stay at the Watergate again.
Leela: I heard he is because they give a discount to people who've already been there.
This of course is reffering to back in the 70's when Nixon and a bunch of Republicans broke into the Democratic headquaters a.k.a. the hotel Watergate and find information on the party.They were caught, and it lead to Nixon's resignation, so he would'nt be impeached.
Also halarious scene in the beginning when the crew goes to that building to see all the political parties.
* Fry sees a bored looking man behind a desk with a poster over his head reading ''Party of Apathy''*
Fry:Here's a party I can get into.
Man behind desk: Not with that attitude.
Fry: Okay.Then screw it.
Man: You're in .
Fry: All right.
Man: You're out.
So to sum up the episode in two words, ''excellent episode''. Even non- Futurama fans will probably enjoy it, for its original and satirical view of polotics.

Benderfan12 gave 5 points

#66 by Doug McCrae
Loved Nixon. He was so OTT evil, just like in real life. My favourite supporting character, even better than Zap Brannigan.

The Scary Door was very funny, too.

5 thumbs up.

Doug McCrae gave 5 points

#67 by The Lamp Incident
Oh yes, I'm adding another 5 rating to this episode review area. This episode was absolutely fantastic. Fry's clothes worth 50 bucks. A guitar. Fry and Bender capturing my reactions to politics(a snoozer). The Clinton Monument. The Head Museum. The 60th president. That little car Bender drove. Bender being kicked into Planet Express. Passing the lotion Nixon's way. Laughter at the thought of Nixon having decency. I was actually shocked to see people giving this episode low ratings. It's just great.

The Lamp Incident gave 5 points

#68 by zoidpharb
everybodys always going on about cool villains. well, after this episode i think we can safely say that the coolest villain ever is Nixon's head.
- shaggy peaceniks (however you write that)
- Drugged up communist
- pass some of that lotion my way

i dont give a damn about US politics (although i know them well enough to understand the jokes) but this episode rocked.

zoidpharb gave 5 points

#69 by MaxPowerThe3rd
I cant believe this didnt rank HIGHER. Prob my favourite episode.

MaxPowerThe3rd gave 5 points

#70 by Morbo
WTF is wrong with the pansies who don't liket this one? Nixon is HILARIOUS, so is Morbo, and so is Bender. You hippies need to smoke another one.

Morbo gave 5 points

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