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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Bender Should Not Be Allowed On TV
First aired 08/03/03
Rank: 72/124
Reviews: 292
Rating: 80%

Bender manages to get a role on the 30th century hit soap 'All My Circuits' featuring non-oscar winning superstar Calculon.

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#61 by Ranadok
While not the best episode that I have seen lately, still very strong, with lots of great gags. For some reason, Bender hauling the TV in and plugging it into his butt cracked me up...

Ranadok gave 4 points

#62 by Walking
the episode is underrated.
this episode is great! only from the start i fell from my seat.
"controlling u throgh a chip in your butt since 1999"
oh man...
and the amniesa part. "i dunno.."
also the plot was good, accept cubert and dwight tinny tim was funny. "u ruined my dream"

Walking gave 5 points

#63 by Kristi
I loved it! It was a lot better than the last two episodes. And Cubert and Dwight weren't annoying this time! And Farnsworth and Hermes weren't as annoying being dads as they were in "The Route of All Evil"! And more Hypno Toad! Yay! Bender's speech was good, especially the hitting your kids part. Calculon was hilarious as always. I like the recent Calculon-saturated episodes (Bend Her, this). I'm really starting to like him. Too bad the show is almost over and we won't get to see more of him.

My favorite part: the robot that broke in the middle of filming a scene. I couldn't stop laughing at that!

Overall: very funny, gets a 5.

Awww, next week is the series finale. *sigh*, Futurama ended too soon.

Kristi gave 5 points

#64 by hypnotoad
All Glory to the Hypnotoad!!!

hypnotoad gave 5 points

#65 by kilik
Fry said in the episode: "This show has been going downhill since episode 3"...I agree...

kilik gave 3 points

#66 by payn
Great episode; one of the best o this season. Bender was great, Farnsworth was great, (like everybody) I love the Hypnotoad, the kids were even good for the first time ever, it was good to see Lost Los Angeles again (for the last time), and this was definitely the best TV industry satire since... well, since a few months ago on South Park (I guess they're an even easier target than usual this year).

Bonus points to Fox for showing this anti-network episode when people might actually see it. After all, there has been a new Futurama every week for a month, and they've actually been advertising it a miniscule bit).

However, they lose all those bonus points and more by cutting off the brilliant "TV Party" cover in many markets (including owned-and-operated stations like LA's channel 11). I called all my friends and told them to make sure to listen through the end--and then I got a billion phone calls at 7:30 asking, "What was I waiting for?" If only it were legal to trade videotapes or .avi's or something so I could play the ending for my friends, but I understand that it's very important that the media conglomerates have total control over what they broadcast over the public airwaves that we lease to them for free.... I guess I can just tell them to wait until the season 5 DVD is available in America in 3003 or so.

payn gave 5 points

#67 by Jimbo Jim
All around great episode... Q-Bert's 'Back Scraping Day' was fun:

Leela: "Zoidberg, you're entertaining at the party?"
Zoidberg (dressed as bum): "What party?"

Protest against F.A.R.T.S. -- Fox Allowing Reality TV $#!+

Jimbo Jim gave 5 points

#68 by MP
This one was OK. Bender's always been my favorite, but I'll agree to the Bender-centric ones being overdone here at the end. And I found the plot just a bit heavy handed. That said, there was plenty of good stuff: The hypnotoad, The disclaimer, Fry saying "Hey Bender" four times without looking up, and Hermes: "That's not a cigar...and it's not mine." I'm relieved this wasn't saved for last. Bring on "Devil's Hands" and let's go out with a bang!

MP gave 3 points

#69 by falcotron
This episode started off good, but became truly great when the FARTers got to Hollywood. "This mob's with me." And when they all stop chanting because of the red light, that's brilliant. I love when Bender takes the gun, and the Professor says, "I was using that!" And most of all, the network execubots.

South Park taught us that to save a show, you have to photograph two executives sucking each other's jaglons. But Futurama gives us an easier solution--just load the dice. I'm guessing either 2 or 12 (the rarest rolls) mean "quality animated comedies are in."

By the way, this network is obviously not Fox, because it's run by a Powerbook rather than a monkey with a half-broken hat.

Anyway, is we can believe Morbo (and doesn't he seem like a trustworthy newsmonster?), next week's episode should end with the total destruction of the puny human race. And probably the monkeys and robots who run TV networks, too.

falcotron gave 5 points

#70 by Cutedge
Good but not great. I nearly died laughing when they made the reference to Mommy Dearest. "No hanging wires!!!"

Cutedge gave 4 points

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