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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles
First aired 03/30/03
Rank: 8/124
Reviews: 353
Rating: 92%

When Fry and the Planet Express gang realize that at 161 years old, the Professor has become too crotchety to handle, they decide he needs to be "youth-a-sized".

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#61 by Wendell
well i agree with Cygnus-hime about Leela's "Breasts" if it did show they pop out of her tank top you can bet it would have been better than marge's boob job.Arghh i think my brain needs to be rebooted. Futurama is better than the simpsons any day

Wendell gave 5 points

#62 by uruseiranma
Definitely one of the best episodes I have seen. Just something about time stories makes me interested (one of my favorites is 'Roswell that Ends Well.') The crew made good use of period clothing (Fry and Leela's wardrobe and datigin experience was like something out of 'American Graffiti.'

The Professor not wholly enjoying his newfoun youth, notably the point that his social security checks are not going to be coming in.

Amy is cute no matter how chubby and fat she was. I have a cousin who went through a reverse of what Amy did: my cousin was thin at 13 and then got quite chubby now in her early 20's.

Also loved how Leela had to keep correcting her parents on what it means to be parents of a teenager (and that goofy grin when Fry comes to the door of her parent's house still makes me smile). Plus Leela's as a babysitter was also good (and the freckles were a cute addition). Still, it would have been kind of funny to see if Fry could have snuck Leela off to the sewer version of 'lover's lane' and then got caught (not like THAT, of course). But still the swerve of the boat to keep his hands off was good (I've gotten the occasional shoulder shrug off so I know how Fry felt).

As for the 'Leela-a-poppin' that the past few posters have been talking about. Leela was still wearing the same size shirt as before. If you look closely, it looks 'looser' when she deages. Though the one thing that bugged me was that once everyone had supposedly returned to their normal age, they found themselves in ripped garments (so much for the obligatory putting things in the way to hide from the censors). I was so hoping for something close to Amy's famous 'spa scene.'

The downside was there was no indication of a new episode next week or so. Just more and more dribble about how great the season premiere of 'The Pitts' is going to be. Saw it, and didn't enjoy it half as much as Futurama.

Jeez, this episode is bringing back all kinds of memories of my past. Too bad I'm graduated from college and no longer dependent on my Dad.

uruseiranma gave 5 points

#63 by chumpbender
Pretty good, only when bender was young why did he have braces? I also enjoyed seeing fat amy, and then at the end after she came out of the ageing pool..... damn, for a cartoon, she looked pretty good. Its just good to see new eps. I hope for the next few weeks we will be seeing more, but we all know how FOX can be, grr.

chumpbender gave 5 points

#64 by AdAM
Definitly a Highlight of the 4th Season!
The Professor at it's best and the PE gang as children.
And the ending!....mhmhm......

AdAM gave 5 points

#65 by BigWhoop
Good episode, but honestly I felt it could have been alot funnier. It was entertaining, but there were not that many true 'laugh out loud' moments... but maybe it's just me seeing how everybody loved it!
Anyway, Professor Farnsworth might well be my favorite character; great to see more of him in this episode. Plus, kiddie Bender was the cutest thing.
Can anybody explain to me what the hell the ending meant?

BigWhoop gave 4 points

#66 by LSD
LOL, this was a great episode.

I'm quite intrigued by the
"Ultra-Porn" heh heh

LSD gave 5 points

#67 by Smitty
Farnsworth: "Driving gloves, driving goggles, driving thong. There!"
Leela: "Uh, maybe I should drive."
Farnsworth: "Hehe, you? A woman? I'm trying to catch a monster, not find the quickest route to the mall!"

Great episode.


Smitty gave 5 points

#68 by msL
Heheh .. really nice episode .. like all the others.. Futurama ROX ! :-)

msL gave 5 points

#69 by JackBauer
best ep ever! The gang as their young versions is hilarious. And Billy West is a genious, I loved the younger Fry's voice!

JackBauer gave 5 points

#70 by Mark Chan
A very funny episode. One that's not big on story, but is big on laughs.

Mark Chan gave 5 points

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