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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Attack of the Killer App
First aired 07/01/10
Rank: 117/124
Reviews: 223
Rating: 59%

Fry posts an embarrassing video of Leela online.

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#61 by futurama488
its was a decent episode over all. but like most people, i miss the old futurama. like when bender and fry sitting on the couch and then the episode leads into what happens. it was never really planned out which is how i liked futurama in the first place. its almost as if they are fitting to much in one episode. they need to relax and kind of resort back to the old futurama

futurama488 gave 3 points

#62 by SureWin
I enjoyed the start way more than the finish. 3rd episode was much better than the crappy 2nd episode. Like other people something seems different about the rebirth, but then again nothing stays the same in this world.
One thing I'm tired of is the lame On/Off romance junk between Fry & Leela, enough already. More Zoidberg, Prof. Farnsworth and Bender. Still my favorite show!

SureWin gave 5 points

#63 by Bubble Gum
Very funny, by far the best of the new season thus far.

Bubble Gum gave 5 points

#64 by jason jones
aotka was very good. the two headed puke me poop you was cool. the flexo part and the end weren't that cool. i felt that could have been a two part episode so they could have had the zombies do more than just buy more phones. the boil was great. i'd like to see a q-bert episode.

jason jones gave 4 points

#65 by anon
Much funnier than the previous two episodes in my opinion. Not quite up to par with the old seasons, but gives me hope that the new season will turn out alright after all.

anon gave 4 points

#66 by Dr. Z 18
After watching this episode several times as well as the other 2 in season 6 I have concluded that Futurama may have been better off canceled. The majority of the jokes are simply stale jabs at pop-culture (south park) we've all heard before, the heart is gone and worst of all the characters are flat and played. I loved the old fururama so much and now (pending a complete 180 in writing and storylines) my memories of it will be tarnished with this sub-par drivel they are passing off as Futurama.

I gave this episode a 2 (and its very lucky to get that)

Dr. Z 18 gave 2 points

#67 by Drakcol
By far the best new episode thus far, I freakin love the iphone dissing.

Drakcol gave 5 points

#68 by Anonymobot
I found this episode very disappointing overall, though it is interesting to see how polarized the reaction here is. In the past, IMHO, one of the best things about Futurama, something that made it itself, was that it really felt like a different world. It was an extension of our world, but it was "futuristic". Things were interpreted and represented but came out differently. As others have mentioned, this episode could pretty easily have been a Simpsons or Family Guy or South Park without any real editing (all three shows have had things as weird as the goat or the eyephone). Indeed, the last two already did shows years ago with people with independently-minded body parts. The eyephone and Twitter stuff was pretty much just how these things are already; no payoff, no jokes here, just a mirror.

Anonymobot gave 2 points

#69 by the poppler
the shark has been jumped...
Please Less Southpark more Futurama.

the poppler gave 1 point

#70 by Chuck Taylor
Ok people on this site are either real young or out of date with life with the exception of a handful of minds here. Everyone has been complaining about the new episodes cause of the fact that we are in a technology age and Futurama is making fun of the current time but in a 3000 way. hmmm futurama came out in 1999 but the yet internet didnt... yet A Bicyclops Built For Two is about just signing into aol and getting onto the the internet and hermeas was explaining to fry about a video game... straight classic episoode but its no good cause it relates to events that really happened.The people that complain on this website do not like good cartoons.

Chuck Taylor gave 5 points

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