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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

The Mutants Are Revolting
First aired 09/02/10
Rank: 37/124
Reviews: 121
Rating: 87%

Leela leads an army of underground mutants in a rebellion against the surface people.

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#61 by Nicjfry
Very nice,

Happy 100th

Nicjfry gave 5 points

#62 by Jay
Perfect, up there with the best.

Jay gave 5 points

#63 by Futu4ever
Woohoooo!! Great'est episode ever! Now I can't. Wait to it get November and then June next year!! More futurama yea!!!! Go bender party! May there be more fry and leela stuff. It's cute. But bender needs. One more big party!!

Futu4ever gave 5 points

#64 by Tommy
I can only day this: GREAT EPISODE!!!!

Can't wait for more new episodes!!!!

Tommy gave 5 points

#65 by SweetZombieJesus
Not a great 100th Episode in my opinion. Fry and Leela were more annoying than ever with their 'whatever' and I've officially lost all interest in them. A few background jokes and the party was the only reason I could give this a 2.

SweetZombieJesus gave 2 points

#66 by Mutaleela
Great episode!

top 3 of the season.

Mutaleela gave 5 points

#67 by James
A good episode. I give it a 4/5 partly because the whole land titanic plot line has been used before. Also, I'll review this whole season.

The season itself had its extremes. Lethal Inspection, The Prisoner of Benda and The Late Phillp J. Fry, this episode and the evolution episodes were great episodes. The rest not so much. I've had qualms with this season.

1) The Fry and Leela Relationship. There's too much of it. It needs to be toned down a bit. Their was six or seven episodes in the orginal run that explored this relationship it was not every episode like this season. Fry constantly sacrificing his life for Leela and Leela not really caring about it the very next episode is annoying. It makes Leela look ungrateful. In fact Leela you slept with Zapp again torturing Fry. Fry if I recall was not really angry about it and you still flipped out at him the very next episode. Its not like your a saint either and Fry is really dumb and impulsive so he has an excuse. Sorry Leela but cut Fry some slack. The whole on and off relationship doesn't work either. Just choose one. No relationship or a relationship. That's it.

2) A lack of deliveries in space. A lack of space as well. This if Futurama. What's going on? Is this related to budget cuts? The episodes on Earth are reminding me of the Simpsons. A lot of pairings didn't really work. The only one that did work was Bender and Hermes. Partly because we had a secondary character with Bender driving the plot. To be honest besides Fry, Leela and Bender know one else can really drive the plot. I like Hermes now and I hate Amy. This season I lost a lot of respect for her. The Professor has become bitter and his senile personality has faltered a bit which was the best aspect of his character. Also, why is their always an ensemble cast in every episode? Can't we just have Fry, Leela and Bender for a change? Its not that bad. Futurama should be embracing both the old and the new. The fans brought it back lets get what we want.

3) The lack of cartoon blips in the opener is beyond irriating. The D.V.D. movies messed with the pacing until episode 6. In fact the D.V.D idea almost tanked the season. The lack of good music is irritating as well. Also, being on Earth reminds me of The Simpsons a lot. The misfire of Zapp hurt the show as well. I like Zapp a lot he came off as a little bit creepy this season. This season had great quotes but beyond the whole Hitler joke nothing really made me laugh. The Late Phillip J. Fry, Lethal Inspection and The Prisoner of Benda saved this season from becoming a failure. If you take these three out of the season you have a lack luster season. However, with each passing episode it got better. Next season will be like Season 3 or 4. Then they'll probably cancel it to aggravate everybody again. Their's no way I'm watching D.V.D. movies again. I give this episode and this season what it deserves a B-.

James gave 4 points

#68 by Sure Win
James thanks for the LONG review, U getting paid for that ANALysis?
U lost respect for Amy, that's real funny, get a life dude, its just a cartoon.

I agree the Leela/Fry romance is tiring at this point, but damm some of U sound so immature in your reviews, must be teenagers, it's the only emo answer...

Once again its a cartoon that should provide some laughter. The past is gone, nothing ever stays the same, so deal with re-birth or stop watching and go back to season1-4 DVD's.

Sure Win gave 5 points

#69 by Juanes
lmao @ James.

Juanes gave 4 points

#70 by Rainn
Fantastic,brilliant,perfect season finale! The jokes were awesome. To sum the season up, it had a weaker start, a few "filler" episodes, but it had some very shiny gemeralds (:D) and some that make you think. The Late Philip J. fry won the serious episode award for me, and this one won the more casual, full of jokes award for me!

5 points ofc

Rainn gave 5 points

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