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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

A Head in the Polls
First aired 12/12/99
Rank: 51/124
Reviews: 140
Rating: 84%

Bender sells his body to a pawn shop when the value of titanium soars. While Bender's head hangs out with Claudia Schiffer's at the "Hall of Heads", Richard Nixon's head joins the race for President of the World using Bender's body.

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#71 by DawnToDusk
not a great one. it had its moments but they shuda taken this political oppurtunity to mix in more neutral humor. actually.... while were on the subject them neutral doods shud have their own spinoff

Best Line- Bodies r for hookers and fat ppl

DawnToDusk gave 2 points

#72 by John Wimberly
This episode had a bulk of humour. I'm suprized people have said it lacked jokes. The full story was much of the joke. One of the best Futuramas.
"Vial of PURE ANTHRAX... huh huh... for duckhunting"
I understand why some didn't like this one, though. It is far less accesable: You need to know about Nixon, political history, and current issues around the themes and jokes... That will rule out a joke here or there, or maybe all of them. I learned about politics through The Simpsons, so maybe this will expose folks to learning how halariously horifying all of this is.

John Wimberly gave 5 points

#73 by figaro the cat
Its a nice episode. I aggred what most of the pepole said. Did you know that song that Nixon sing "Remember what the door mouse said:
"Feed your head. Feed your head."
Its a Jefferson airplanes song that names "white rabbit.

figaro the cat gave 5 points

#74 by Sweet Zombie Jesus
It gets funnier and funnier each time I see it.

Jack Johnson: I say Futurama has had fewer greater episodes!

John Jackson: And I say Futurama hasn't had many greater episodes!

Sweet Zombie Jesus gave 5 points

#75 by Jenny Ellsberg
Having just finished a course at Sheffy uni on Nixon, I found this episode fantastic! Almost as good as the film 'Dick' (very funny if you know lots about Nixon)....I'm hoping for one on Bush in a few years time...

Jenny Ellsberg gave 5 points

#76 by Suicidebooth Manager
Bender said many of his best lines in this episode. Some of them are on, under sound board. The best ones were... "Compare your lives to mine and then kill yourselves," "I'm finally richer than thoose snoody ATM machines." There was also a funny conversation.
(Bender,Leela and Fry climbing up hotel)
<Bender looking in a window>Get a room!
<Man>We are in one.
<Bender>Well loose some weight!

Suicidebooth Manager gave 5 points

#77 by Ally
Great ep. I guess you can't really appreciate it unless you know a little on the background of Nixon. But in case you're wondering, here are a couple things they got wrong:

Nixon never stayed in Watergate

He never had that dog Checkers

But still a great ep!!!

Ally gave 5 points

#78 by The Scary Girl
This was a great episode. I just watched it again because I hadn't seen it in a while and as soon as it started it had me laughing my butt off at "The Scary Door." Possibly my favourite scary door. The episode was great, even for me, an Australian. I know enough about Nixon from movies like Dick and strange facts The Simpsons show. I also liked all the political parties. They were great.

The Scary Girl gave 5 points

#79 by simon king
On paper it sounds great.
Nixon president in the year 3000?
It was one that I hadnt seen so it gave me even more of a reason to put it in my DVD player.
Even tough its got a good plot,it lacks all the charm of the other episodes.Its a good episode but it stumbles and falls against the rest of the episodes.

simon king gave 3 points

#80 by Mee
Wery Funny! The Nixon Guy :D... Nixon is just the Pyscho who was needed for the show :D

Mee gave 5 points

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