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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

The Day the Earth Stood Stupid
First aired 02/18/01
Rank: 34/124
Reviews: 175
Rating: 88%

Flying brains with the power to turn everybody stupid invade earth. Nibbler's race, the brains' nemesis, nominates Fry - immune to their attacks - as the one to save humanity.

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#71 by j_ohanley
One of the highlights of the year. All kinds of jokes. When I first saw this, I was under the impression that Fry was the only person too stupid to avoid becoming stupider. The ideas hilarious, but that's not how it went. But a definite classic.

Zoidberg: Zoiby want go outside!"
Fry: "Grrr, I just let you back in!"

j_ohanley gave 5 points

#72 by Chris
I love this episode its my favorite

Chris gave 5 points

#73 by The Purpletraitor
How can someone with "Freddie" in their name hate a character voiced by Frank Welker?!

This was a good story and subliminally links with "The Why Of Fry" and to a lesser extent "Space Pilot 3000" with the Nibblonians/giant brains plot. The pet show sequence is perhaps a rather tenuous link to the rest of the episode (Nibbler's dumb...but it turns out he's smart) but it features great comedy with Bender and his 'whooping terrior' Zoidberg ("I'm not weeping! I should be weeping!"), not to mention the Hypnotoad.

There weren't too many bad points with this episode, although I'd agree that Katey Segal's approximation of a stupid Leela was pretty annoying. Also, considering how smart those brains were supposed to be, why'd they take so long to figure out how to get past that fence?! But those were pretty minor factors.

"Let's review: who was America's first president?"
"A pickle jar?"
"Thomas Jefferson?"

The Purpletraitor gave 4 points

#74 by Angry Fan
Zoidberg: Forgive me my friend!
Bender: NEVER!


Angry Fan gave 5 points

#75 by A.W.
If u said this one was bad, u are a scumwad who has bad taste.

A.W. gave 5 points

#76 by Brian
A very good precedor to The Why of Fry.
The sequel was better though.

Brian gave 5 points

#77 by phillip
the pet show was gold, pure gold five hundred dollars you say dog food you say just an all around perfect episode DAMN YOU FOX and ALL POWER TO THE HYPNOTOAD!

phillip gave 5 points

#78 by Goki
Average. They destroyed the character of nibbler, and that plug for the library being the last thing i remembered, i was slightly disappointed.

Goki gave 3 points

#79 by Goldfish
A very funny episode with great lines and a good introduction to the true nibbler. One of my favourites.

Goldfish gave 5 points

#80 by Kerry
Instead of The day the earth stood still, The day the earth stood stupid.This episode was good and its good how you see finally see that Nibbler isn't stupid, he in fact is brainy, you just don't see it,Fry and Leela trying to save the world is good. Good episode.
P.S~ Hope the brains don't aren't real, so that they won't make us stupid.

Kerry gave 4 points

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