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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Time keeps on slippin'
First aired 05/06/01
Rank: 40/124
Reviews: 264
Rating: 87%

Farnsworth's attempt to breed a race of atomic supermen that can defeat the Harlem Globetrotters creates a disturbance in time, causing it to skip forwards erratically.

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#71 by Herby
to all who doubt:
it IS a great Episode

Herby gave 5 points

#72 by Totoffle
Brilliant episode, millions of 'Aww' moments, so that was good :)I didn't think I'd like this epidode at first, but Ive decided that it's now one of my faves :) Even tho I'm a Brit, and I don't like basketball very much, I really loved it!

Totoffle gave 5 points

#73 by gavin h
This episode is so cool ! It is one of my favourite episodes and i like futurama better than the simpsons after watching this episode. This episode makes futurama nearly better than south park and i hope that the writers of it can give me their address because i would like to write an episode myself. Bye. Futurama RULES!

gavin h gave 5 points

#74 by gregoriev
this episode was so-so in my book as far as plot and funny ness goes. the globtrodders were pointless, skips were funny then not, fry trying to get leela to GO ON ONE DATE was a nice touch. i still don't get how she wouldn't even go on one freaken date with him, he is the only person who ever TRULY liked HER so it makes no sense to me, i will leave that to the boards to discuss.

now as to why i gave this thing a 1, the ending. Could they make it sadder? how about haveing a small puppie die, wait, already done! i mean really, that ending was just plain WRONG hell, give me the age old moment of awkward silence broken by light chat that revels nothing and the characters go on with their lives.

liked the 3D effects on the note though, they could have seriously done better than this. if this ending pushed the envolope, the puppy one crossed the line. both of them are so damn sad!

poor fry,

gregoriev gave 1 point

#75 by Dr Zoidberg
Awww what a charmer old Fry is. Very sweet. But the classic scene was lucky Amy having a birthday party then ZAP Poor old Zoidberg not getting his. I'm cracking up now thinking about it. I'lll miss you Futurama. R.I.P.

Dr Zoidberg gave 4 points

#76 by Jenna
Very good and funny :D! Fry is so CUTE ^^!

Jenna gave 5 points

#77 by Hallie

Hallie gave 5 points

#78 by Luke
A classic episode. It starts out great with Professor's Atomic Supermen and only gets better when the time jumps start up. Amy and Zoidberg's birthdays are a riot of contrast, the NFL Helmet china set was great, and the Professor's collection of Doomsday Devices had me laughing so hard I'm sure I missed a few of the jokes which came after it.

Luke gave 5 points

#79 by RB
This would have been a top-10 episode...

...if not for Bender being completely out of character. Sure, he's emotional sometimes, but he was so whiny the entire time!

Other than that, this was a top-notch episode. Very touching.

RB gave 4 points

#80 by Soylent Cola Drinker
I love the fact that they finally showed Leela naked she has a hot BoD and the only flaw was that Bender wasn't funny and that lost them a point

Soylent Cola Drinker gave 4 points

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