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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

First aired 06/24/10
Rank: 120/124
Reviews: 222
Rating: 54%

Leela and Zapp Brannigan find themselves stranded on an Eden-like planet.

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#71 by Michael
I find the negative comparisons people here are drawing to Beast With A Billion Backs to be hilarious, as that was my favourite of the four Futurama movies by a landslide, and not coincidentally I rather loved this episode. How can you guys NOT love the references to Star Trek the Motion Picture and the original Star Wars? Maybe people missed the Star Trek reference, or maybe I'm just an imbecile, but I couldn't stop laughing at the name "V-GINY". The Zapp Brannigan subplot gets high marks from me, as do Zapp's "old-timey" dream sequences.

Michael gave 5 points

#72 by Charles
There are funny bits here and there but this is another episode too crude for it's own good. Leela feels out of character to me, and the V-GINY deathsphere could have been great but felt too easy. Come on Futurama, get more intelligent!

Charles gave 3 points

#73 by Tobias
Much weaker than Rebirth, in particular the final section (really Fry has no reaction to Leela being asked to "taking one for humanity"). However still a interesting ep and shows that Futurama is constantly funny compare to shows like Family Guy.

Tobias gave 3 points

#74 by Pukha-Lor
This episode disappointed me. Leela wouldn't have stood for that at all. She would have broken the branch, or dug under her legs, and roundhouse-kicked Zapp in his lying face. She never took this sort of nonsense from him before! And especially since she's supposedly come around to Fry now.

And the ending was kind of anti-climactic. And once again, Leela wouldn't have done that, either... not without more of a fight, right?

Pukha-Lor gave 4 points

#75 by jvs
I felt that the first episode was solid, not hilarious but well written and serving the purpose of getting the show rolling again (which it did without seeming to miss a beat). I've read a few reviews arount th eweb that haven't been as keen on the second episode which had me laughing all the way through. The image of Leela perched atop Zap and floating through space was simple yet effective. And Zap's agnoized admissions had me laughing through til the end, espeically as the deeds he revealed became more and more descpicably self-serving. I'm interested to see how the new dynamic between Fry and Leela will affect the show. I liked them both and can't wait for next week.

jvs gave 4 points

#76 by FistfulOAwesome
Overall, I think this episode is probably the most "snack-like" episode the series has produced thus far. It's not really here for anything (even its not really focused on censor message). This episode aims to do nothing more than give us a complete comic plot to have Zapp and Leela stuck together, with Leela reliant on Zapp, and their interactions from that. It succeeds in making this entertaining and informative on the characters relationship with each other, especially Zapp's feelings toward Leela. I like it.

FistfulOAwesome gave 4 points

#77 by Ai
An extremely funny episode with all I love about Futurama: sci-fi, parodies, intelligent jokes, and dirty jokes. Though a lot may seem quickly though-of the first viewing around, a lot of the plot is incredibly smart, especially the whole Zapp-Leela plot.

Ai gave 5 points

#78 by jason jones
episode 2 was good but i thought the v-giny was dumb. also i would like to see more kif. they should have put the satellite out of comission by the end of the episode. the end was my favorite part. zap and leela getting it on oh yeah.

jason jones gave 4 points

#79 by cyber_turnip
It's not QUITE as bad as A Leela of Her Own or The Cryonic Woman, but it's close.
There are a number of great jokes, but they're spread far and few between. Add on to that a lot of incredibly puerile humour, a fairly lame plot, a terrible guest appearance and characters acting completely out of character and we've got one of the worst episodes of Futurama ever.
Of course, it's important to remember that even Futurama's worst episode is still absolutely fantastic television. Whilst I give this episode a 1/5 for Futurama's standards, it's a good 4/5 for overall TV standards. I have faith that the season will pick up once we get a few episodes in.

cyber_turnip gave 1 point

#80 by Justin
Amy sure is open minded with sex. lol

Justin gave 4 points

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