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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Attack of the Killer App
First aired 07/01/10
Rank: 117/124
Reviews: 223
Rating: 59%

Fry posts an embarrassing video of Leela online.

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#71 by Splufay
This episode was super good, but the boil joke was horrid. Even though the boil then made it's way into the plot line, all the other jokes keep this episode from going down to a four. Sure, this episode was full of culture that didn't fit Futurama, it was sill amazing. And c'mon guys, the crew hasn't made a 22 minute episode since 2003, they need to adjust a little back to the regular format, and to those people who STILL thing this season is getting worse and worse, well, you're all "Dumb Bastards..."

Splufay gave 5 points

#72 by Paul

Ok people are saying what happend to fry and leela, why arnt they dating anymore, We'll If anyone actually remmembered in the first episode they agred to be just freinds cox she was a robot, And when the both humans one meet again, It was awkward, so it's nothing

Paul gave 5 points

#73 by Quexinos
I enjoyed this. The pop culture was a bit overdone, but if you look past that, it's a great funny episode.

Quexinos gave 4 points

#74 by ransomedbyfire
This episode was okay, but I felt like it kind of went downhill after the first half. The Eyephone thing was funny enough and seemed enough like the old Futurama thing, but the Susan Boyle thing and the goat and the vomit and diarrhea seemed to insult my intelligence.

These past two episodes (this one and Ina-Gadda-Da-Leela) seemed to have two parts: a semi-intelligent first half, and then it feels like the last fifteen minutes are dedicated to shallow humor for those not intelligent enough to appreciate the first half. It almost feels as if there are two separate writers writing the first and second half of these episodes. Just stick with the intelligent humor, and we'll be fine.

ransomedbyfire gave 3 points

#75 by ElDoRado1239
The start was great, eyePhone and everything. It felt like Futurama.

But the singing boil...? Holy zombie jesus, that's not Futurama at all - that's Southpark! It reminded me of the worst episode of Southpark ever, the one with Oprah Winfrey - "A Million Little Fibers". The boil joke was so bad it ruined the whole episode for me. PLEASE, refrain from things like this - I know you're on Comedy Central, but that hopefully doesn't mean you would go so low.

Also, every cartoon these days try to be so random and "oh-so-funny" - they try so hard it's annoying. Family Guy with his stupid flashbacks and weird intermissions... again, PLEASE, do not try to copy that!

Futurama has always been for me the most intelligent western cartoon, don't ruin it, please. The first two episodes were great and - that's the most important thing - "futuramish". So you better stick to that, or I will appear next to your bed every night to haunt you.

ElDoRado1239 gave 2 points

#76 by i_c_weiner
A very funny episode with instant quotable lines (THEY CUT OFF ONE OF MY DIMENSIONS!) (IMPENDING NEWS EVERYBODY!)(ETC!) You get the point.

Very nice commentary on technology and consumerism. Although the references may not stand the test of time, the themes will.

i_c_weiner gave 5 points

#77 by Rob
I liked this one the best of the new season. They are not in full form yet but this one was a lot better. If they keep improving at this rate I will be very happy. The Japonese toilet joke was my favorite by far.

Rob gave 4 points

#78 by Trevor
I thought it was amazing! This new season is definetly living up to my expectations of futurama. I always look forward to new episodes, thanks an keep em coming!

Trevor gave 5 points

#79 by fayt660
So to all the haters of the new episodes take a step back and look at the new content matt groening has provided. Read the comics than re-watch seasons 1 - 4 and tell try to tell me that futurama has changed. All the people that are complaining about indecency and the series being more "perverted" than ever should look at the humor of futurama, because the episode In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela is definitely making fun of anyone who thinks that any of the humor in that episode is to "filthy" or not appropriate, plus once again the series has always been like that try reading the comics. I have just gotten tired of people ragging on the new episodes based completely on the fact that they are new. If people actually looked at the humor in the episodes they would realize how witty some of the jokes really are and where the series is actually going. This episode and the first two were amazing in my opinion I have waited extremely long for these episodes to air. Having read just about every comic in between re-watching every episode I must say I am pleasantly pleased with them.

ohhhh and before i forget for anyone wondering about Fry and Leela im pretty sure the relationship is going to be how every futurama love interest has been. Which is they are in love with each other but (just like in real life) there are like eight other options why just stick to one person. If you need an example look at kiff and amy.

fayt660 gave 4 points

#80 by FistfulOAwesome
Attack of the Killer App has reminded me of what an average Futurama episode is. That's not to say the episode itself is average (it's quite good), but that it is the standard. AOTKA has reminded me of how strong Futurama is, that its less than classics are still very-high quality and worthy of much praise.

FistfulOAwesome gave 4 points

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