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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Proposition Infinity
First aired 07/08/10
Rank: 110/124
Reviews: 181
Rating: 68%

Bender leads a campaign to legalize robosexual marriage between humans and robots.

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#71 by stef
while the amy/bender thing was a little weird at first, all in all it was a pretty good return to form. felt futurama-y and it was nice to see another amy episode.

stef gave 4 points

#72 by hans_h
Okay, this is it! The Professor, the "immoral crackpot", suddenly caring about minorities, almost starting to cry for the injustice he caused in the world? Kif splitting up with Amy for a completely ill-constructed reason, just to be able to make the robosexual relationship "all-main-character", while ignoring that everything about it feels out of place? Ripping of another storyline from earlier episodes (i dated a robot) and making no additional point in the process? What the hell? I mean, why bring something back and still call it futurama, when everything they're trying to do is topple everything that it was all about? I don't get it. It doesn't feel like home anymore, and it's not funny either, besides the "haha"-jokes, whose laughs come out of me somewhat like a reflex and not out of a deeper understanding like they used to. Horrible, horrible, that's all I can say.

hans_h gave 1 point

#73 by Tobias
This ep in combination with Killer Apps (which I did like better) have given me the hope that the series will return fully to the former glory that I thought was doomed on seeing ep 2. We were treated with recurring characters and some quality jokes. true it has gained some addition Family Guy style humour but so did BWABB. And yes it was preachy but so have other episodes of the series to a degree.

And for those that are discussing the fact that this comes some of the same ground as I Dated a Robot there are a few key differences. One was that all of the robot seen in that ep (apart from the thing at the end with Bender and Lucy Lu's head) were robots programed with celebrity personalities not robots like Bender that are distinct persons, that is why I had no problem with the differences of opinion of the characters.

Tobias gave 4 points

#74 by Joe
Very good episode. I don't understand the people who hated it and gave it a 1. I would have given it a 4 but I think that the episode has an unfairly low rating so i'll give it a 5.

Joe gave 5 points

#75 by oego

oego gave 5 points

#76 by Kennyflevi
Average, but not very good

Kennyflevi gave 3 points

#77 by Otis P Jivefunk
I find it hard to know what to make of this episode. On one had I really liked a lot of the jokes, and the fact it made the future interesting again with little things like the drinks with thunderstorms over them amongst other stuff. What I didn't like was how forced the Amy/Kif break-up seemed at the beginning, and also how they just casually got back together again at the end. The robosexual storyline was good, and made for some interesting scenes, but I didn't like how the professor told that story of when he was with that girl, which was ok until the twist that it was a robot. That was just ridiculous and took a huge dump on ĎI Dated A Robotí. Also I found myself asking why we hadn't ever heard about this long dating part of the professors life before. I thought it was Mom who was his love in the earlier science years...

The episode also suffered with lack of Fry and Leela, although I do like Amy so it's not so bad. Roberto is always welcome too, is is Fatbot, but the stuff with Preacherbot and the robots making out with fake humans on the grass was a real drag, and the clown stuff with Hermes, no, just no.

3/5 overall for the humour, and for the fact that itís quite memorable, but too many flaws to be any higher....

Otis P Jivefunk gave 3 points

#78 by Lord_Krull
An alright episode. Had some hilarious gags, a predictable plot, nudity (they aren't really afraid anymore), and HedonismBot :)

Lord_Krull gave 4 points

#79 by aKsis
Next week on Futurama:

Leela has a threesome with Farnsworth and Zoidberg.

Stay tuned!

aKsis gave 1 point

#80 by Kiffy
The only good bit of this episode: Hermes clown thing. The rest: untter rubish. I may not watch anymore as this epidode has shown that the 'new' Futurama is not like it used to be and really pointless. Nothing even happened in this episode, it went back to the start at the end and really made no sense what so ever.

Kiffy gave 1 point

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