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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

A Clockwork Origin
First aired 08/12/10
Rank: 66/124
Reviews: 135
Rating: 81%

The theory of evolution is put to the test on a planet inhabited by robots.

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#71 by Mennoknight
Goodness me.

This episode was weak.

I know the topic is touchy, but I honestly didn't find the main story funny at all and I predicted the entire plot in the first 3 minutes. The Zoidberg B-story was all right, but the ending was totally bizarre (when he says he hates Q-bert).

I wish Futurama would stop trying to be deep and make social commentary. There should be an unspoken agreement in the media: Larry King shouldn't try to do comedy and Futurama shouldn't try to "make people think". The Futurama writers need to give up as theologians and philosophers and trying doing what they're good at.

Mennoknight gave 2 points

#72 by John
Great Episode. Though I was worried at the beginning, loved how it wasn't too preachy

John gave 5 points

#73 by Hoot Hoot
This episode was entertaining, but not outstanding. That said, if the quality of each episode stays around this level, I will be quite happy.

Hoot Hoot gave 4 points

#74 by paul
enjoyable, clever.

"do you think there's a robot with a beard in the sky"

"we'll i guess not"

paul gave 4 points

#75 by avian
A bit above average - which for futurama still means a great episode. Ignoring the first two episodes, season 6 has been very solid, and this episode just adds a bunch of positives too it.

avian gave 3 points

#76 by sweet zombie jesus
Amazing episode. I think I have a new fave episode for Farnsworth!

sweet zombie jesus gave 4 points

#77 by Burlap
Probably the funniest episode this season.

Burlap gave 5 points

#78 by David
What's the matter with people here complaining about the ending? How terrible that Zoidberg said he hated Cubert! Come on.. it was funny.

"I'm serious. He's a terrible person". I thought it was a good line. And I hate Cubert too. I'm serious. He's a terrible character.

Good episode. Not as good as Lethal Inspection or The Late Philip J. Fry, but third best this season.

David gave 4 points

#79 by Gustav
Loved the flying spaghetti monster

Gustav gave 5 points

#80 by blimpo chimpo
you know, at times, more so this season, futurama succumbs to what has made the simpsons such a horrible show to watch - aside from the complete whoring of itself to fox and other corporate-consumerist trends: it's just a vehicle for gags and ideas.

it struck me because of a comment someone else made weeks ago about the crew never doing their jobs and working for a shipping company. like in this episode, suddenly, to prove a point, the crew just flies to the olduvai gorge, has an afternoon fun-dig, and miraculously finds a treasure-trove of fossils, among them the plot-required missing link? t.v. show or not, cartoon or not, that's weak writing.

that's the point i'm trying to make. now that the characters have all been established as "archetypes," with certain stock moods and actions and roles, they're just rearranged into new dramas, robotically, in order to make points for the story. you know? they're not meaningful in themselves, they're just hollow vehicles for transporting jokes, poorly-written, emotionless, unreal dialogue and reactions to plot-events.

just like the old simpsons episodes, the best futurama episodes work when the characters are imagined to live in a self-coherent "real" world, where characters are consistent in a sense, have real motivations and emotions, where their lives, even if they're in a fantastical 30th century, have real limitations and demands.

the simpsons were just a regular, working-class family with a daft but loving dad, realistic kids who did real kid-things... now they fly to africa and japan and meet a celebrity every week, and lisa's a genius, and everyone's a "character" and everyone knows each other.

same with futurama.

blimpo chimpo gave 3 points

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