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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Möbius Dick
First aired 08/04/11
Rank: 63/124
Reviews: 118
Rating: 82%

Leela becomes obsessed with hunting down a mysterious four-dimensional space whale.

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#71 by John Cheesa
Easily exceeded my expectations. Intense, humorous, and mysterious--something "Fry and the Slurm Factory" also pulled off quite well. Excellent episode.

John Cheesa gave 5 points

#72 by Philip Cheesesteak
The laziness of late really shows here. A waste of a really cool idea.

Philip Cheesesteak gave 2 points

#73 by Jacob
Excellent episode. True to form. All characters were utilized and had funny classic quotes "10, 9 and so on, 3, 2, 1!". Tickle me Elmo's fire was awesome too! Nice pacing. Leela was a little out of character because she was mimicking the traits of Captain Ahab from Moby Dick, the story the episode was parodying. This seems extremely obvious, but people seem to be confused as to why she was irregular. Probably just grabbing at excuses to not like the episode.

On a side note, there's no pleasing some people! This could have been their favorite episode before the cancellation, but since it's new they feel have to trash it. I guess some people just like the image of being the guy who "gets it" while everyone else doesn't. At least give an excuse for a poor rating! Pathetic!

Jacob gave 5 points

#74 by A P
This episode was intense. I could NOT figure out where it was going and I really like that.

My friend and I were watching and said "this would be a wild episode to watch while stoned" and suddenly the 4th dimension gags came on and we lost it.

They do need to lay off Leela a bit for the rest of the season (I know, it's already written and made so that's not helpful) because she's had a lot of focus lately.

Loved Zoidberg this episode most of all. I have HIGH hopes for Tip of the Zoidberg.

A P gave 5 points

#75 by Daxton Smalpecker
I loved this one, Leeler turns me on!
All hail Futurama!

Daxton Smalpecker gave 5 points

#76 by Cog
I didn't enjoy the forced behavior more than any other fan, but at least it didn't make me cringe.

I guess I'll go back to forlornly hoping we'll get back to episodes of Futurama with believable behavior on everyone's part and a story I care about.

Cog gave 2 points

#77 by Dan
I’m still getting over Yo Leela Leela and hoping to God whoever wrote it gets demoted to the page enumeration intern. However, I think this one is an excellent, eerieish episode with a clever ending, well-paced, with many scientific allusions and inside jokes, and overall fairly humorous (although I do hate the “stupid” jokes like the popsicle guy).

And so many old fabled spaceships of the past! And Firefly! And Zoidberg used to be popular! And Leela is so cute when she is obsessed, gently tapping off (instead of brutally massacring) the inquisitive tentacles – that was touching, really. In both ways. I also liked the fractal vapor the whale exudes, and the constant fish/mammal/serpent debate. (IT IS A MAMMAL!)

Whatever happened to the ship’s unbreakable diamond tether? :( I mean, do the writers assume that continuity can just go to hell? Nobody remembers anything by the next episode, do they? Scruffy never stayed a woman, Zoidberg sure won’t have any hair by the next episode. *sigh*

What the hell is the joke about puncturing the ship with a pin causing decompression? That’s just stupid. I mean, it’s not (supposed to be) made of tin.

Overall, excellent.

Dan gave 5 points

#78 by Daniel Bosch
I thought it was a great story, but a bit light on really funny jokes. A 4 from me.

Daniel Bosch gave 4 points

#79 by Flexo
This is by far the worst episode of the year, I really can't understand the 5 rating. The episode started out good with the Professor telling the story, and Zoidberg's hair, but it went way down hill from there. At no point were the one liner's funny, and I agree with a previous poster's point of Fry. Fry has always been dumb, but they are making him flat our retarded and unfunny, as Robert Downy Jr. stated: "you should never go full-retard." I've liked this season, just not this episode.

Flexo gave 1 point

#80 by A6858
Overall a good episode. Some great visuals and good gags...I have to say Zoidberg has been one of the stars for me this series.
Many of the Moby Dick references were lost on me, but I didn't feel I was lacking.

The downside that gets this episode 4 stars instead of 5 was the random nature of Leela's personality. I was just too jarring a change. It would be like Homer Simpson becoming really hard working in an episode, with no explanation as to why. Just a bit too jarring.

A6858 gave 4 points

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