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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

First aired 09/01/11
Rank: 7/124
Reviews: 149
Rating: 92%

Bender evolves into a godlike being after vastly increasing his processing power.

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#71 by crushinatrix2009
Bender transcends everything in what is the greatest 22 mins of my life spent watching the idiot box!!!

crushinatrix2009 gave 5 points

#72 by 4LegsGood
I think it's funny how we all b*tch about what we think about the Leela/Fry bit. Personally, I could do with LESS of it, and I pray they never get together permanently. I do think the writers are smarter than that, and anyone as old as me understands why (read: Moonlighting syndrome)

Anyway, this episode was fun with a couple hilarious jokes, particularly around the video game "It's my brain against your Van Braun." HIlarious, but other parts were just kinda boring, and at times sappy.

All in all, a good episode, but not great. One of the few so-so episodes of this phenomenal half-season.

But I TOTALLY understand that many people thought this was great. We all just have different tastes.

4LegsGood gave 3 points

#73 by wiseguyknowswhy
I cryed so hard at the end, I was not ready for it.
Bender being overclocked and becoming omniscient and thus crossing into all dualitys of causality was genius!
Ken Keeler you make me proud to be human after all!!!

wiseguyknowswhy gave 5 points

#74 by Jimmy Hollywood
To summarize: Lots of individually amusing jokes, but the episode as a whole is a huge mess and tries to do way too much in 21 minutes.

I liked this episode less the longer it went. The pacing was so quick that it ends up glossing over what should be big character moments, with Fry and Leela's relationship thrown into jeopardy out of nowhere and resolved pretty much the same way. There is something 'happening' in every scene, but none of it has any real weight. It gets so bad the episode has characters announcing that they've entered the scene JUST BECAUSE. They spend way too much time cramming in side characters and not enough time cramming in main characters. (And, to nitpick as one does, what the crap happened to Randy's voice?). From a writing and pacing perspective, this episode is rock bottom. Rock. Bottom. It's going into a hole with Yo Leela Leela (which I now remember fondly for some reason) and the Holiday Craptacular, where I will mock it until I find something else to do.

Don't get me wrong, there's still a fair number of genuine laughs to be had buried throughout the episode, all tied to the haphazard framework of the plot in one way or another. Additionally, the animation was generally strong and well put together. I felt like this could've been a really strong episode- and in a few ways, it was- but it's a huge waste of potential in every other way imaginable. Glad they got renewed, because frankly if this had been "the last episode" I'd have been hugely disappointed.

Jimmy Hollywood gave 2 points

#75 by Rise of the MODs
Get these damn trolls the hell outta here!!! Look at these to jerkoffs, what they post makes no sense, hollywood and legs are people who will soon no longer be welcome to troll here.

Rise of the MODs gave 5 points

#76 by AdrenalinDragon
Another fantastic final episode for Futurama! This episode had a very entertaining plot of Bender overclocking himself and providing hilarious moments every minute he's seen, while Fry and Leela's relationship comes to another milestone in this episode. I also found this episode having the best courtroom scene in the series so far, with the Professor, Cubert, and Bender stealing the show this time around. As for the final scene, it was very touching and clever, as Fry and Leela now know their ultimate fate. Once again, Futurama ends on a high note and I couldn't be more pleased with it. 5 out of 5.

AdrenalinDragon gave 5 points

#77 by alienxphile
This was an average episode at best. I don't understand how this has a 92% (at the time of this review). Come on people, a true Futurama fan can see that this show is going down hill and it makes me sad. This season the jokes (if any) are lacking and the heart and soul of the old Futurama is missing. The reason I gave this episode a 3 is because we got a glimpse at that heart again at the end of the episode.

alienxphile gave 3 points

#78 by John Cheesa
Not understanding the hate for this season. This ep was fantastic. The show hasn't lost much from the first run.

John Cheesa gave 5 points

#79 by Earwig
This episode sees a return to the classic style scripts of the original runs. The whole series has included more adult and serious issues, but still managed to balance humor with pathos. Can't beat that comedy/tragedy mix.

Original Bender plays video games as well as me (My COD online ranking is rank!).

Comment about modifying a gadget that you own was priceless.

Who didn't see Zoidberg getting lamped by the fan in the courtroom?

Fry and Leela's foreknowledge essentially closes the "will they/won't they" plotline without revealing a thing. Genious.

Earwig gave 5 points

#80 by hurleybird
Loved it from start to finish!

hurleybird gave 5 points

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