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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Game of Tones
First aired 08/14/13
Rank: 45/124
Reviews: 129
Rating: 86%


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#71 by newkemall
Loved it!!

newkemall gave 5 points

#72 by !iMmOrTaL!
I always enjoy these kinds of episodes. Them being the ones where we dwell into Fry's past. Not only are they interesting, but they often find great ways to pull on our heart strings.
We had 'Luck of the Fryrish' which explored Fry's relationship with his brother. 'Jurassic Bark' which explored Fry longing to see his dog again (as we all know, the most famous ending in any Futurama episode), 'Cold Warriors' which explored some of Fry's relationship with his father. And now 'Game of Tones' which explores Fry's longing to tell his mother what became of him.
I can't bring myself to say that this was as emotional as 'Luck of the Fryrish' and 'Jurassic Bark', but dammit, it tried and did a fantastic job.

Plus, I laughed out loud when Fry contemplated sleeping with Michelle in his dream and Fry's dad's interaction with Nixon.

!iMmOrTaL! gave 5 points

#73 by 4LegsGood
Probably the best of the season so far.

I loved the gag, and how it played out. There were lots of great jokes, and some fun stuff.

I expect everyone else gives highest marks because of the emotion, which is fine, but it wasn't the strongest part to me - bordering in sappy. I know Fry loved all his family members, but I guess we get an episode for everyone now. Dog, Yancy, Dad and now Mom. It seems a little forced. Like saying "I love you" every time before you hang up the phone. Got it, Fry loves everyone in his family.

Got it.

The jokes, however, were hilarious. I especially loved the strip club he just *had* to check out.

Anyway, great episode!

4LegsGood gave 5 points

#74 by Beamer
This episode has so many plot holes I fucking hate it!

Beamer gave 1 point

#75 by Shane
The "heart felt" ending come off as contrived and the revelation behind the mysterious tones was horribly disappointing. Lots of the gags fell flat as well. Not the most horrible episode of the new run but not nearly good enough either. They should try to cram more "revelations" into the Pilot anymore. It's getting ridiculous.

Shane gave 2 points

#76 by Cancel IT FAAASSTER!
Kind of shits on other past episodes, and Digby's actions make no sense since he tells the 1000 year old story perfectly, yet can't remember what planet he parked on. And why would he blow planets up with the key fob?

It was all around fuckin' crapola.

Cancel IT FAAASSTER! gave 1 point

#77 by Jeff
Wonderful episode!

Jeff gave 5 points

#78 by hijinx
Fantastic episode. Probably the best since the original run.

hijinx gave 5 points

#79 by totalnerduk
I don't get why people seem to be loving this episode so much - it's lazy, cheap, and packs no emotional punch relative to episodes like TKOS or TLOTF. Whilst it's enjoyable, it's certainly not the show's best moment, and even feels a little off-base. There are a few flat gags, the relationship between Fry and his mother is somewhat contradictory of what we've already seen, and now Nibbler is apparantly magic. This wasn't so much a great episode as an episode that had the potential to be great, but squandered this with a mediocre, standard-television sentimental message. Futurama's become such a watered-down brew that I'm wondering exactly what's wrong with people that they're not up in arms about the increasingly shallow nature of what used to be a deep and thoughtful show.

This was a decidedly average episode, and the fact that it's rated so highly here only proves that some people are incredibly easily pleased.

totalnerduk gave 3 points

#80 by Happy
Great episode!

Happy gave 5 points

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