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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

A Bicyclops Built for Two
First aired 03/19/00
Rank: 76/124
Reviews: 137
Rating: 80%

Leela meets a one eyed alien and discovers that he's the only one left when she visits his home world.Bound to the idea of propagating her race she slips into factual slavery in marriage.

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#81 by im cool
nice, love the married with children parody

im cool gave 5 points

#82 by Hehehehehehe
I liked it. The part with the internet was awesome, and quite truthfully, accurate.

Hehehehehehe gave 4 points

#83 by bobdude10
The whole married with children thang made me larf out loud. Leela's hairstyle roks! Ilove this episode as we find out that fry actually does av a lernin' disability.(tru fans, u'll no wot im on bout.)
I'd give this a defin8 5.

bobdude10 gave 5 points

#84 by Michael Cockcroft
Pretty funny enjoyable episode. The highlight of the episode had to be the Married With Children take-off.

Michael Cockcroft gave 4 points

#85 by Glagnar
The internet was great as was the the twist at the end, all in all good stuff.

Glagnar gave 4 points

#86 by Toad
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Toad gave 5 points

#87 by Cerulean Shadow
I love that Married... With Children prorady. When they started the catcalls and hooting, I followed along with them. I gotta tell ya it was fun!

I also like it when the crew was playing the video game and it was playing that techno music. It felt like I was actually playing a V.G!

Cerulean Shadow gave 5 points

#88 by scaryice
Not one of the better ones.

scaryice gave 3 points

#89 by dustin
If you ask me this is way overrated and it realllllll ... llllllllly was'nt good enough to when an award this is the only one i don't like

dustin gave 2 points

#90 by Fry Fan

Fry Fan gave 1 point

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