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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

A Pharaoh To Remember
First aired 03/10/02
Rank: 115/124
Reviews: 394
Rating: 65%

After delivering an enormous sandstone to Osiris 4, Fry, Leela and Bender are forced to work as slaves assisting the construction of the great Pharaoh Hamenthotep's tomb -- a pyramid.

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#81 by Otis P Jivefunk
After hearing how bad this episode was supposed to be, I was pleasantly surprised, sure it’s not one of the best but it’s still pretty decent. It was cool seeing the Robot Priest again, who isn’t used enough in my opinion, and the Australian Guy was a nice touch. This episode kinda reminded of “My Three Suns” and “Fear of A Bot Planet”, but dressed in Egyptian surroundings. Having said this, it was original enough to seem fresh and the visuals on the Egyptian planet were awesome.

Bender acted like a real jerk, but not so much so I hated him for it. Because He’s a robot I can accept his actions a little easier, although it would have been better had his obnoxious personality was toned down just a little bit. I liked the stuff at the beginning too, it was cool when he used his head as a spray can to graffiti a wall, the funeral scene was really cool too. The Professor catching the bouquet of flowers and the reasoning behind it was hilarious. I also thought his statue looked really cool, making a statue to remember him by was the obvious thing to do and it was a great touch, as was the casino within it.

What I didn’t like was the lack of Fry and Leela, not nearly enough screen time. I also felt that they kind of let Bender get away with it, they didn’t seem to want to stop him. Leela is normally the authority figure on deliveries; she really let her role as captain slip. There were a few other minor parts I didn’t like and too much of it focussed on Bender, not enough diversity within plot and there was a lack of sub plot. It was a little predictable, but on the whole it was a reasonable effort, many funny moments, but could have been executed a little better.

Otis P Jivefunk gave 2 points

#82 by Heliotrope
This episode was great! I was exspecting it to be rubbish after reading most of these reviews, but i thought it was hillarious! ^_^
I loved Benders Pharaoh dance, and Fry nailing his hand to that signpost, Fry and Leela carrying Bender on their back was funny
too "Crawl Pigs!"
And we got to see Fry in nothing but a Zapp Brannigan sized skirt for most of the episode Whoo-hoo!!!

"Your best is an idiot!"

Heliotrope gave 5 points

#83 by Simon
I loved this episode. It's strange how some episodes get such a broad range of ratings and comments. I personally thought this was full of humour and I loved every bit of it. Bender is a great character in this with some great parts from some of the Egyptians. I never knew Ancient Eqypt had space travel... oh well... ;)

Simon gave 5 points

#84 by Mom

Mom gave 1 point

#85 by Fry/Flexo Fan
I'm a bit unsure about this opened pretty well, and the appearence of an Elton John-style character was hilarious, but there wasn't too much else to it. I mean, the initial cruelty to slaves jokes were mostly good, marked by the return of the oppressed Austrailian last seen in 'How Hermes Requistioned His Groove Back' (though he really didn't do much; it would have been nice if he'd had a couple of lines).

What lets the episode down is mostly its climax (shades of 'My Three Suns', anyone?). The ending is rather bad, and the way in which Leela and Fry force Bender into co-operation not very slick or convincing at all. The very last few lines probably looked a lot better on paper.

But it wasn't that bad I suppose. I'm sure I could watch it again easily.

Fry/Flexo Fan gave 3 points

#86 by PCC Fred
The funeral scene was really funny, especially Amy's "louder and sadder" eulogy. There's lots of good jokes scattered about the episode, like "BENDER LICKS BUTT", Bender giving the slave drivers tips, and Elton John getting pushed into the tomb.

Bad points - the plot's kind of thin, and their escape from the planet takes about five seconds.

All in all, a middle of the road episode, sort of three and a half points, but because it's Futurama I'll round it up to four.

PCC Fred gave 4 points

#87 by Nick
I thought it was great! Was a little random but that's a trait of futurama!

Nick gave 5 points

#88 by Futurama
This episode was funny, and deserves 5 points, n/t

Futurama gave 5 points

#89 by Horrible

Horrible gave 1 point

#90 by Rumba
I thought it couldn't get worse but here we are...

Rumba gave 1 point

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