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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Roswell that Ends Well
First aired 12/09/01
Rank: 6/124
Reviews: 374
Rating: 93%

A supernova sends the crew back in time to 1947, where they land in Roswell, Area 51. Fry and Bender's head have to go in for a rescue mission.

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#81 by Darksaber
Excellent episode! I know it so well, I can watch it in my sleep. Zoidberg and Truman, priceless!

Darksaber gave 5 points

#82 by Itchy and/orScratchy
Perfection in every way.

Itchy and/orScratchy gave 5 points

#83 by Sir Pent
One of the greatest episodes (and it has lots of Zoidberg)ever along with the Anthologies of Interest....more of this

Sir Pent gave 5 points

#84 by uruseiranma
On February 1, 2003, this episode won the Annie Award for Directing in an Animated Television Production, which went to Rich moore, and you can see why.

A time paradox story that doesn't skimp on the sci-fi. The computer-generated images were well-integrated, and so was the story. The collision of a super nova and Fry microwaving non-microwavable popcorn and sending them back to 1947, beautiful!

Of course, involving Bender's @$$, and a frantic Zoidberg (it's true, that his buffett scene is great, and just reading people saying how hilarious it was still has me laughing.

Fry's interference in only making his future even more traumatic (accompanied by Bender's remarks and Leela smacking Fry aruond to knock him out of his traumatic stupor) was great, notably when he realizes the error of what he has done (and why is it all the hot women go for Fry? He's had Amy, Morgan, and his own Grandmother!(shudder)).

I loved later when the Professor has had enough and basically says damn the consequences and just do what we have to.

And did anyone else see that A-Bomb scene coming a mile away?

uruseiranma gave 5 points

#85 by MezzUp
This episode is without a doubt the best futurama episode ever. Zoidberg is briliant in this episode. I love every line that Zoidberg say in this epsideo.

MezzUp gave 5 points

#86 by chris
"And in this corner - Zoidberg! Hahahahaha!"

chris gave 5 points

#87 by Andrew Cleary
Great Episode.

One of the best episodes that they have aired.Also one of the funniest.

Zoidberg is definetly the funniest in this episode. Bender and Fry are also very funny. But they don't match Zoidberg's performance.

Andrew Cleary gave 5 points

#88 by A-jay
I forgot to rate this episode.
This really is the best episode ever!!!

A-jay gave 5 points

#89 by Kristi
Terrific episode. The animation and jokes were all great. This reminded me of "The Day the Earth Stood Stupid" because the plot didn't quite make sense. But that doesn't matter, this is still a wonderful episode. It was weird seeing Futurama in the past but some good jokes came from it, like Leela's ignorance of the past. "Fry's from around this time, I'll talk like him."

This episode was very good. It deserves that Annie Award it won.

Kristi gave 5 points

#90 by ShadowBun
I just saw it and I have to say...WOW! That was INCREDIBLE!! Honestly one of the funniewst 30 minutes of TV I've ever seen, and the best episode of any program ever (outside of a few great Simpsons episodes)!

I was rolling from beginning to end, especially in the third act when they completlely mess with history. The plot was great, consistent, and flowed well, and the characters and subplots were HILARIOUS! Most notably Dr. Zoidberg ("Are you coming on to me?")!


ShadowBun gave 5 points

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