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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

The Why Of Fry
First aired 04/06/03
Rank: 10/124
Reviews: 353
Rating: 91%

Once again the Nibblonians need Fry's help to save the universe.

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#81 by Adam S.
A great episode, filling in a few of the how's and why's of previous eps.
However, this really feels like it *could* be the ending of the show. FOX could end the series right now, and not leave anything unanswered. This is tragic.

Adam S. gave 5 points

#82 by Anarchist
Good episode, but I was expecting something a bit more... epic. This was such a highly-anticipated episode that promised some key revelations, that I expected a lot more from it than we got. We barely learned anything new (by now, it was fairly obvious that it was Fry and Nibbler who pushed him into the cryogenic tube), and the explanation of the brainspawn's goals was just plain lame. The beginning and ending were really good, though - really sets the plotline up for a nice, touching finale. I dunno, maybe I'm just upset because the series is ending which means there won't be many more chances for truly great episodes, but I feel that this episodes is not what it should have been.

Anarchist gave 4 points

#83 by BrainSluggo
For we shamelessly-nerdy uber-fans who have been rewinding "Space Pilot 3000" and "Jurassic Bark" over and over looking for new clues, this was just a filler in terms of Fry's history. Nothing we hadn't already guessed.

Frankly, Fry's ultimate escape could've been better; I imagined it was going to end with Fry voluntarily stepping into another cyrogenic tube after being given a "decide-now" choice by Nibbler--and being unfrozen in 3003 the day after he left. (That way, we could've seen Leela's former co-workers again:

" the fut--"
"Yeah yeah yeah, outta my way!! Leela!!"
"Hey, where's he going? He didn't let me do my line!"

...and right before Fry finds Leela--who is searching for him--he could've run into Nibbler, who then "blanks" him, depriving him of his "important role"--making the ending that much sweeter.)

Little complaints: No Professor and virtually no Amy; the current ending is one of those time-travel paradoxes; the "Death Star" takeoff was funnier the last two times it was done on the show.

BUT! I'm sure all shippies are as delighted as I am in the ending. Last week, a glance; this week, a kiss. Oh, if only "The Devil's Hands..." were running next week...

BrainSluggo gave 4 points

#84 by Athos
A fine episode in the tradition of The Luck of The Fryish and Jurassic Bark.

Its incredible how many stories in Futurama indeed hang together.... The Day The Earth Stood Stupid, Space Pilot 3000, Love's Labour Lost In Space, Jurassic Bark, Roswell That Ends Well..... Futurama is better planned than I have ever thought.

Leela's kiss surprised me a bit. This episode would make a good last episode for Futurama all together. This reminds me of how few episodes are left before the great curtain falls finally.

Athos gave 5 points

#85 by AdAM
Just loved it.....

AdAM gave 5 points

#86 by Luke
A good episode as it dealt with the overall story arc, but from a laugh-out-loud perspective, this episode was lacking, I think. The revelations were fun, I liked the Brains, and I LOVED Nibbler's speaking voice, but I didn't laugh all that much while watching it. The very beginning, with Fry talking about The Mission, and some of his briefing from the Nibblonians were about it. I guess with the show coming to an end that this kind of episode was inevitable, but next week (yay!) I hope for more laughs. Even other sentimental episodes like Luck Of The Fryish had more solid humor while still retaining their emotional stance. A good ep which could have been better.

Even I have to admit, though, the ending was very sweet and left me feeling good! You go Fry!

Luke gave 4 points

#87 by Tele-Toby
I agree with Zilo that this would have made a very appropriate final episode. (Although as a final ep, it would have been lacking in final appearances for Farnsworth and Hermes. And it def. needed more for Dr. Zoidberg, Amy and especially Bender!)

Still it was great to see how many episodes were tied together; that this was great evidence about how well-thought out this whole series was. (I can't stand when a show never gives a hoot for its master plan!)

from Tubeworld,

Tele-Toby gave 5 points

#88 by Andy
great ep
Interesting, that the storywriters have planned this episode from the beginning of the show. In the first ep (Space pilot) you can see nibblers shadow for a second when Fry is falling into the freezer.

Andy gave 5 points

#89 by metallirock
This was a really good episode. It was funny but not hilarious. It was more interesting to watch Leela start to figure out that Fry is a great guy. The best line was when Nibbler said that the Dave Mathews Band doesn't rock. I agree they SUCK!!!!

metallirock gave 4 points

#90 by Homie
This episode was amazing. I love Futurama.

Homie gave 5 points

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