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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Bend Her
First aired 07/20/03
Rank: 101/124
Reviews: 313
Rating: 72%

Bender gets to know the advantages and disadvantages of being a fembot. As a fembot. The sex change allows him to take part in the robot Olympics.

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#81 by Scott O
You know how I can tell that it was just an average episode, I watched it with two of my friends who are not as die hard fans as I am and I saw it in a different light. I watched it knowing that they didn't know the whole 'Bender and Calculon' history and all the other series long running jokes. It was just ok, and unfortunatly, I think they're losing it a little bit. Hey, remember the Simpsons went through a couple of rough seasons out of their 14 or however many they have, so Futurama could be doing the same. It's just a shame that we'll never see it come back around again...

Scott O gave 3 points

#82 by Wizzcat
Superb episodes, one of the best of the season so far. No slow moments. Bender made some really hilarious comments, and the wedding cracked me up.

Yet another proof of why Futurama is good.

Wizzcat gave 5 points

#83 by Damitol
If this were a scale of 10, it would get a 4.7 since the whole "soap opera wedding" left me a little luke warm, but since it's a scale of 5, I'm rounding up.

I just went through reading the low rating comments, and I am shocked at the number of people hating both this and last week's shows. Are people being overly critical for some reason? Are these the shippers disappointed since FOX's scheduling lumped most of the shippy episodes together, and now they feel cheated since now there are a bunch of silly episodes playing? (Look at the production run. They are supposed to essentially alternate.)

Very, very funny. Many subtle, "easy to miss the first time" jokes that should provide for multiple enjoyable viewings ("Jamaicans have other interests too, which is why they were detained at the airport"). Yeah - it's a 5.

"Will we have donkeys?"
"All you can eat."

Damitol gave 5 points

#84 by indirectx
this episode had some funny parts such as the operation scene, and yachts (calculons pride and calculons ego).

However this episode was pretty weak in general, I even liked 300 big boys more then this one.

indirectx gave 2 points

#85 by Kel
OH MY GOD. How can anyone take serious offence to stereotypes in Futurama? - like the Simpsons, the jokes are on the people who make the stereotypes, they are not actually enforcing them. The episode was clever, non stop funny with a good balance of characters. Bender's voice was hysterical regardless of what he was saying!

LOVE Hedonism-bot! Even it was only for a quick second. Here's hoping for a Coilette figure ...

God Bless Futurama.

Kel gave 5 points

#86 by Trowa
This whole idea was just plain wrong. I like Bender, he's one my favorite characters, but this was just wrong. Wrong in oh-so-many ways. But, I'll admit, it really made me laugh. It was a pretty funny episode. Funny, wrong, but funny.

I give it an good rating. I would be worse (because it's just wrong) but I gave it an good (because it was so damn hilarous).

Trowa gave 4 points

#87 by Le_Bob
I loved Coilette!

Le_Bob gave 5 points

#88 by Coilette
Not the best episode... how could it be when there was hardly any Fry time? It's like when the Simpsons stopped doing Bart episodes and made everything Homer. I loved the female Bender (you can NEVER have too much lipstick) but too much Bender already! And Hermes is boring! The Zoidberg scenes were great in this one, though, especially as the Wedding Planner.

Coilette gave 3 points

#89 by Leela's Twin
FUNNY episode.

"All hail Robonia, a land I didn't make uuuuuuuuuuuuup!!!"

Leela's Twin gave 5 points

#90 by B-rian
If these reviews have reaffirmed anything, it's hard to please sci-fi dorks with too much time on their hands and expectations to have their individual humor catered to in every episode. Jesus Christ, I just want to shake some of you.

B-rian gave 4 points

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