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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

First aired 06/24/10
Rank: 120/124
Reviews: 222
Rating: 54%

Leela and Zapp Brannigan find themselves stranded on an Eden-like planet.

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#81 by Matteo
Pretty average, but I'm giving it a 5/5 because I'm glad the show is back!

Matteo gave 5 points

#82 by Jerry
I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. After reading previous comments on the raunchy/bawdy humor of this episode, I think some viewers may be missing the point. It was, after all, an episode about a censorship death sphere. The nudity, the orgy suggestion, even Zapp's "I wax my rocket every day" were not so subtle rejections of the censorship expectations that many viewers have internalized due to the heavy hand of the network censors. Tying Zapp and Leela together as Adam and Eve suggested the role of God for SEC/network censors and then deliberately defied that role by have the V-Giny (classic) satelite force Leela and Zapp to engage in a "sanctioned" form of lewd behavior. I'm wondering if our own reservations about Zapp and Leela having sex so suddenly isn't also one of the targets the writers had in mind. And it was funny. (Zapp's little admissions, old-timey dreams...)

Jerry gave 5 points

#83 by John
Garbage. Futurama has been dummed down for idiots to enjoy, while leaving the original fans lost.

Felt no connection to the original characters, other than their voices (Some of which changed with overacting, like Leela).

John gave 1 point

#84 by LsTrOfSmG
"The writers need to figure out what Fry and Leela's relationship is, and then put it firmly in the background."

Precisely this. The Leela/Zapp main plot was uncomfortable to watch as a fan of the series. Leela far too easily went straight to Zapp and didn't even mention Fry when she thought the Earth had been destroyed.

At first I thought they'd go deeper into the relationship thanks to Fry's line as Zapp and Leela left in the ship but I was sorely disappointed.

The ending particularly irked me and actually made me feel really bad for Fry as opposed to amused at the situation. Definitely a case of a joke getting out of hand.

The first half was far superior to the second and I was actually enjoying it immensely up until then but the second act was so uncomfortable and uncharacteristic that it came close to ruining it all.

A funny episode in places but certainly not a fan pleaser. Rebirth was far superior.

LsTrOfSmG gave 2 points

#85 by Hawkmano
What does it say about me that I find a one-eyed woman cartoon character wearing just leaves almost irresistable? Answer: Katey Sagal's voice. Thanks for coming back, Katey. There would be no Leela without you.

Hawkmano gave 5 points

#86 by Bowlda
Not nearly as good as Rebirth good. I'm hoping these over abundant sex jokes aren't gonna stick around, I was ok with the traditional nerdy Futurama humor.

Bowlda gave 2 points

#87 by Scotty Collins
This fucking rocked! All the sexual innuendo made it more risque than usual, but overall I think they did really good. Especially the V-GINY part. That was fucking hilarious

Scotty Collins gave 5 points

#88 by jared
Loved it, EXCEPT the last minute or so. There was no explanation given for the dethshpere who had spent the entire episode about to blow up earth because of its immorality suddenly wanting to see a sex act. And Zap and Leela? not cool. I thought she and fry were supposed to hook up. I mean that's what they told us was going to happen.

jared gave 4 points

#89 by the poppler
the ending was a misfire, I understand the concept, it's funny that religious people want to censor everyone when the bible itself has some pretty nasty content. they didn't make the point at the end. why was leela doing Zapp approved for all audiences? it's because it's bible sex, duh. but writers failed to make the connection in a funny way.
The set up for leela having sex was mis-handled as well, she should have been so mad at zapp and exasperated that when v-giny demanded it the dead be done there should have been a nice long pause then she throws her arms up and says whatever.
Finally Frys reaction was weak , he should have pulled a Khaaaaaaan! or more of a khan at any rate. over dramatic to the Nth power. kitties weeping, maybe v giny broadcasts it across the globe. something God awful shamless.
I think the show has lost some writers, I'm glad it's back, but I hope it hasn't lost it's touch.
Please be good, please surprise us!

the poppler gave 3 points

#90 by Sooper Scoot
Despite a few funny moments(Bender's guinea pig), I was little disappointed with the episode.They were definably forcing more sex into the episode and I feel it takes away from the unique charm that Futurama had and it also led to the awkward moment of Fry watching Leela have sex with Zapp. Im a huge Futurama fan and Im stoked about its return but, from this episode, I get the idea that they're changing the formula slightly by adding more sexual references to appeal to the different audience that Comedy central brings. I really hope this isn't the case.

Sooper Scoot gave 3 points

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