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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

That Darn Katz!
First aired 08/05/10
Rank: 106/124
Reviews: 195
Rating: 69%

Earth is invaded by a race of intelligent cats.

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#81 by Bubblegum tate
Bubblegum tate likes that he was in this episode ven though he didnt get paid as much as he used to. I liked this story but some were unfunky. Overall I love this episode Futurama gets better ans better. Now I will reort back to my home planet.... EARTH. Na im kidding im not bubblegum tate haha. great episode but OMG, DANCING FRIKKIN CATS!!! DUDEEEEEE!

Bubblegum tate gave 4 points

#82 by Geoff
Solid writing salvages a concept that wasn't strong enough to sustain a whole episode.

I had been dreading this ep based solely on the plot summary, so I was pleasantly surprised. I think next week's premise is more solid.

Geoff gave 4 points

#83 by Rachel D.
This episode was one of the "silly" ones. It really wasn't that good, but I'm giving it points for departing from the disgusting, crude humor of the first few episodes. "The Late Philip J Fry" is a hard act to follow, but this one seemed like filler.

Since when is Amy smart? And I thought the crew wasn't supposed to know that Nibbler is an intelligent being (didn't he erase their minds in previous episodes so they'd forget he could talk?). And, why don't they go on deliveries anymore? Most of the episodes lately involve something invading Earth and the Planet Express crew has to stop it. I miss when they went on hilarious adventures on other planets.

Rachel D. gave 3 points

#84 by G.I.Jose
i hate cats... and why in the world nibbler didn't eat every cat? but i give it a 4 just because this:

Bender: his ass look like an asterisk!

simply hilarious!!!

G.I.Jose gave 4 points

#85 by Flexo
This was a great episode, not the same as TLPJF episode last week, but it's gotta be hard to try and compete with the epic episode last week. But I ignored that, and loved it. The jokes were funnier if you had a pet like that, which may be a downfall for some. But none the less I feel like the old Futurama is back. :D

Flexo gave 5 points

#86 by Tim
Not as good as last week but episodes continue to get stronger. As to Nibbler talking, did you watch the movies? if you recall in the first movie Bender's Big Score he forgot to erase their memories at the end. Then in Bender's Game he spoke and was surprised they knew, the crew explained he left w/out doing it.

Tim gave 5 points

#87 by andrew rhoades

everyone is blowing this out of paportions,if this wasnt futurama,you probably would have loved this,i thought every bit of it was funny.

andrew rhoades gave 5 points

#88 by lonewulfe86
This was an okay ep. Not as good as last week's, but "The Late Philip J. Fry" is a hard act to follow.
And the whole Fry/Leela thing kinda bothered me too. Maybe the line didn't mean anything, just a typical "oh, poor me" Leela line to move along the dialogue. And to be fair this wasn't really a Fry/Leela heavy episode anyway. But it could be that the writers are trying to slowly phase out the whole "serious relationship" ground they started treading, in hopes of reverting back to the neutral friendship that Fry and Leela once had. well, sorry to tell you writers, but, too late. You went there, deal with it. If they're together, great. If you want them to break up, don't do it with a cheap throw-away line like "..I wish i had a man". Give us something to work with here.

lonewulfe86 gave 3 points

#89 by FuturamaFan
Normally I would not make another post since I already made one here, but I need to explain things;

Rachel D.--
When Nibbler left at the end of "Bender's Big Score", he DID NOT erase their memories. That fact was pointed out in "Bender's Game".

So now, all of the Planet Express crew knows that he can talk, but they think that he is still cute, so they still treat him like a pet.

Which is why in my first post for this episode I mentioned that I liked that Nibbler had a big role becuase I had been wondering when he was going to talk again, given the fact that since the events of Bender's Big Score, everyone knows that he can talk.

FuturamaFan gave 4 points

#90 by David
I thought this was a nice, silly episode as many others have said. It wasn't the best episode, but it definitely stacks up beside an average Futurama episode. It's not one of those 'best ever' episodes, and wasn't trying to be. I don't think I ever got the impression that Amy was dumb, she just had a sort of ditzy personality at times.

The Fry and Leela stuff was a bit surprising. I would have thought they would be trying to ease back into things with each other at this point. Perhaps this episode should have occurred prior to the last one.

It was an unexpected combo to have Amy and Nibbler, but I think it worked for the most part. And Amy is entitled to have an episode focused on her every once in awhile.

As for the Nibbler talking all the time, I'm up for them doing that some more. They opened the door in the movies, and I think the whole the crew not knowing he can talk thing has had its day.

The cat jokes were funny times, a little too over the top during others--such at the dance.

Overall a good but not great episode. Very entertaining

David gave 4 points

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