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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

A Clockwork Origin
First aired 08/12/10
Rank: 66/124
Reviews: 135
Rating: 81%

The theory of evolution is put to the test on a planet inhabited by robots.

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#81 by Fantasta-Rama!

Fantasta-Rama! gave 5 points

#82 by Mike
In a word, dull. The characterization this season has been all wrong. The characters now are just there to move along the weeks vague plot/social commentary. Really, really poor.

The characters don't progress or develop anymore. Leela in particular is nothing like she used to be. Fry has no depth anymore.

It's just really sad. The heart and soul of the show seems to have gone.

Probably the most boring episode they've ever done. I didn't raise a smile once. The plot was abysmal. What a letdown.

Mike gave 1 point

#83 by Rachel D.
This episode was better than I thought it was going to be (based on a clip I saw, I thought it was going to be mostly a Christianity-bashing episode). I'm not big on the social commentary episodes but this was a lot better than "Proposition Infinity." The helicopter hummingbird made me laugh and then the honking swan right after that made me laugh some more.

I was glad that they presented the theory that life was planted by Someone, even though they did bash creationists at the beginning. We get it, writers: You're mostly a bunch of atheists and very politically liberal. Can we get back to watching Futurama now? I still give it four points for being surprisingly good and for showing more than one side of the argument. "It seemed like eons to you…"

Rachel D. gave 4 points

#84 by stef
I found it a tad muddled, particularly in the first act. on the whole, though, it fit in with that futurama-feel that I crave so deeply whenever I watch the new episodes. had the plot been more streamlined, it would have been perfect. there was a tad too much extraneous information and gag setups that could easily have been cut and the zoidberg/cubert subplot should have been fleshed out a little more, but I especially loved every moment spent in the robotic world.

stef gave 4 points

#85 by Gary Cox
Very funny, but sad there was such a bad continuity error. Two benders at the same time in the courtroom scene !!!! How did that one get passed ...

Gary Cox gave 4 points

#86 by nanoIam
seems like the series is back on track. either that or my brain has dummed down, witch is also acceptable.

nanoIam gave 4 points

#87 by Benderama
My favourite of this season so far. Made me laugh a couple of times, especially when the professor yelled "Great Scott! A tricycletops!"

Benderama gave 5 points

#88 by Massacher
was a good ep. loved how the robots evolved so quickly.

memorable quotes were:

hurry up and build my shack so i can kick you out

fatherman away

ahh don't eat my butt

great scot a tricycletops lol

has to be in my top 5 of this season so far.

Massacher gave 4 points

#89 by Kennyflevi
It's a nice episode. Not the best so far, but good. The Zoidberg-Cubert scenes was awesome :D

Kennyflevi gave 4 points

#90 by AP
For you reviewers complaining about them picking a "hot topic" to do an episode on, are you just that stupid? The Scopes Monkey Trial was in 1925! You have a point with eyePhone and Proposition Infinite, but not on creationism being taught in classrooms, as that debate has been going on for a century and will go on.

Hilarious episode, although I agree with others that the Zoidberg B-plot could have been funnier.

The zingers in the creationist vs evolutionist opening were brilliant, and the way the story was crafted to circle back on itself at the end with the robot evolutionist against the professor as the creator was absolutely genius writing.

"Fake Sciene is Real Science!" and other protestor signs made me laugh out loud.

Bring on more episodes like this. And if you don't belive in evolution, I don't understand why you watch a show like Futurama at all. /boggle

AP gave 5 points

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