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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

The Silence of the Clamps
First aired 07/14/11
Rank: 54/124
Reviews: 97
Rating: 84%

After witnessing a brutal crime committed by the Robot Mafia, Bender enters the witness relocation program.

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#81 by vexlor
God, this was another great one!

vexlor gave 5 points

#82 by AdrenalinDragon
Although I originally gave this episode a low score, it has now grown on me and is one of my favourites of Season 6. So many good quotes and funny moments in this episode makes up for the lackluster ending.

AdrenalinDragon gave 5 points

#83 by SweetZombieJesus
I really enjoy this one. It's not terribly complex, but it makes me smile.

SweetZombieJesus gave 5 points

#84 by Earl R.
I love the maffia refrences and and all the Zoidberg is a big fancy hero episodes, so for me this was golden T.V. to to watch.

Earl R. gave 5 points

#85 by cyber_turnip
Yuck, a horrible episode. It makes sense that Comedy Central switched the premier of the show to 'Neutopia' because this episode would have been an embarrassing start to the season.
The storyline isn't inspired, but it works moreorless, although it features a lot of things I'm not a giant fan of (tertiary characters 'moving in' with the protagonists, Bender dying AGAIN, etc), but the episode's largest flaw is its lack of humour. A decent amount of gags land, but it's far below 'Futurama's usual standard and then there are so many jokes that are just, plain bad. I mean, Bender stealing the Donbot's meatball recipe? Horribly laboured. Colonel Mustard Gas? It's not even sci-fi related. What does a character from a board game have to do with anything? And I could go on.

In my opinion, this is easily the worst episode of 6B.

@solmaquina on Twitter!

cyber_turnip gave 1 point

#86 by Randall
This one is ranked way to low, it should be at least 90 percent!

Randall gave 5 points

#87 by Christopher

Christopher gave 5 points

#88 by yako
another great episode from 6B.

yako gave 5 points

#89 by SZJ
Good episode with some of the past secondary and minor characters doing well in a leading role.

SZJ gave 4 points

#90 by Lamusiqe13
BOO! This was yet another terrible post-cancellation episode. At first, I didn't mind the post-cancellation episodes (and they did get better as they went along), but the more I compare them to the previous episodes, the less I like them. I'll use this one as a comparison, probably because it's a generic example. The only thing I have to say specifically about this episode is that the use of the f-word was totally unnecessary. Anyway, here are my problems with the new episodes:
The Characters: All of them, other than Fry, are toned down versions of themselves. Bender isn't nearly as obsessed with drugs and anti-working, Leela is barely a character at all anymore, Farnsworth is less mad-scientisty and more old-manny, Zoidberg is less lonely and stupid, and Amy and Hermes don't do anything at all. They barely have any lines. Plus, we barely see any of the recurring characters.
Plots: In the old episodes, the plots would often be typical cartoon plots, but they would just as often make me cry, move me, or both. Take for instance, The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings, Jurassic Bark, Time Just Keeps On Slipping, Parasites Lost, ect. The only 2 new episodes that do that are Cold Warriors and Overclockwise. Plus, when the plots didn't emotionally move me, the plots themselves were funny; now, it just seems like the writers thought of random plots to see if they could put jokes in them.
I have several more complaints, but those are the main 2, and this is getting really long. The point is, the episode sucks. :(

Lamusiqe13 gave 1 point

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