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Futurama DVD Season 4

Short Summary

The 4th and last Futurama DVD set was released in the UK in November 2003. The final 18 episodes episodes (each with full length commentary) are now ready to complete your 72 episode Futurama DVD collection. You'll find extras spread throughout the 4 discs including a 19th commentary for the infamous and "Jurassic Bark", pencil tests, an animatic, animated 3D models, some international clips, 14 minutes of deleted scenes and two neat easter eggs.

It's available in the UK at at 30% off and up for preorders in the US at $35 at (Aug 24th).
Number of Reviews: 40   Rating: 98.2%

showing entry 1 to 10 out of 43 entries

It is just as good as all the other box sets however I think that the audio commentary on these episodes are not as funny as the ones on previous seasons. You should still buy it though as any futurama fan will love it.


picure - 10
sound - 8
entertainment - 10
extras - 10
value - 7


10 - 10


Its a perfect dvd worth buying it just for the episodes however the price lets it down.

UK_FUTURAMA_FAN gave 10 points

#2 by Darren Gargette
Having bought this DVD Boxset on Friday 21st November, I can safely say this is THE best season on futurama, i avoided all TV showings of this series and waited... it was worth the wait.

Darren Gargette gave 10 points
24.11.2003 | eMail

#3 by Martin Hogg
I must say, i disagree with the first guy, the commentaries are possibly the best of the lot, with David X Cohen, Matt Groening, lamarr, west and dimaggio all pitching in as usual, with a lot more Fox bashing(justifiably so) than the previous sets. The new menus are amazing, especially all the little Zap Brannigan comments on his sections of the set.

The sad thing is that by the time they recorded the commentaries, they all knew that Futurama was dead and was not coming back. This is particularly poignant in the commentary for "The Why of Fry" when it is revealed that had they known of the shows demise, "The Why of Fry" would have been a season 3 episode so they could have done more with the whole nibblonian thing in the fourth series.

Also, maybe its my imagination, but there seem to be a lot more deleted scenes than in previous sets, not all good, but still worth watching.

I must say that i havent listened to the table read yet, but i'm saving that till last, because im expecting that to be worth savouring, it being of the last episode.

All in all, superb. Double superb. Its just makes me incredibly sad and angry that there will be no more, just because those damned execubots ordered more reality tv.........

Martin Hogg gave 10 points
24.11.2003 | eMail

#4 by Wezzo
Thus far I've watched all the features bar commentary and the first ep with and without. All superb. The boxart and box is fabulous, and the picture is great. 10/10 thus far.

Wezzo gave 10 points
24.11.2003 | eMail

#5 by Darkness
*Phew* Just got done watching the Box Set in one sitting, and it was excellent. I hadn't seen many of the episodes form the final season, so it was well worth the wait.
The Pie-Kea robot skit from "Less Than Hero" had me in stiches for a good 5 minutes.
An excellent box set, and well worth the price/wait....

Darkness gave 10 points

#6 by Karl
Brilliant - The Box Is Brilliant & Great Quality. Great Episodes & Menus. Love The Commentaries - BUY IT NOW

Karl gave 10 points
24.11.2003 | eMail

#7 by Crumpster
What a great DVD set, got it yesterday and watched it in the evening til 4am. I'm feeling really tired now, but it was worth it.

Favourite bit:
Leela (lying on table): Is this some sort of brain scanner?
Prf: Some sort, yes. In France it's called a Guillotine.


Crumpster gave 10 points

#8 by Martin
the eps and content are good but which moron designed the box the plastic cover is loose fitting and whats that behind disco farnsworth oh yeah young frys hand but hes on the right - insanity!!

Martin gave 10 points

#9 by chris285
well my copy has just arrived, i have now seen every episode and own every episode ever made.

the quality is the usual standard, but i haven't listed to all the audio commentaries yet just a couple

i was hoping for maybe an interview with the cast or someing as a easter egg or special, buit no luck

overall though as a fan of the show i cannot recommend it enough, more great episodes and all fans should own this and every other dvd

chris285 gave 10 points

#10 by Kazzahdrane
Have watched almost all the episodes in order without commentary, only TDHAIP left to watch, but have seen it before. Nice to finally see these eps in high quality, instead of crappy DivX picture quality.

LOTS more deleted scenes than the previous seasons, and some of them (particularly the ones for KGKUAN) are very funny, and really would have been good if they'd been left in.

Pity there isn't an interview with the team, or a full length documentary, which is the only reason I'm not giving this box set 10 points.

Finally, the box art itself is top notch, though the art on the seperate dvd cases isn't as good as Season 3's.

A fitting end to the best tv show ever, I just hope the next futurama dvd I buy will be "Futurama: The Movie"!

Kazzahdrane gave 9 points
26.11.2003 | eMail

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