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Futurama DVD Season 2

Short Summary

The second Futurama DVD set was released around Europe in October 2002. It includes 19 episodes each with full length commentaries. No way any Futurama fan could go without these.

Buy online from:
  • Number of Reviews: 32   Rating: 90.3%

    showing entry 11 to 20 out of 33 entries

    #11 by Brian
    Much better than the first set. A must buy for sure.

    Brian gave 10 points

    #12 by Jeff
    I'm glad I saw someone got it at Target for 24.99. I went there and got a raincheck for it. Then I went to Circuit City and the beat it by 10%. I got a great deal.
    This set is wonderful and the special features are great. Did anyone else notice the yearbook when you highlight Nibbler in the Disc 1 menu?

    Jeff gave 10 points
    13.08.2003 | eMail

    #13 by Biff
    1st let me just say that Jeff your awsome!
    2nd so is this dvd set!
    Finally a dvd set worth 40 bucks!
    Almost too much!!!!!!
    Then season 3 most likely will be released at the beginng of 2004!
    Then season 4 in the early summer of 2004!

    Biff gave 10 points

    #14 by Slurms
    wimmy wam wam wozzle!

    Slurms gave 10 points

    #15 by Kristi
    The season 2 DVD set is terrific, better than the first DVD set. This one has different episode-related menus for each disk and the individual episodes' menus are better too. The background music for the menus is also less annoying. The deleted scenes are more abundant and funnier than season one's. The artwork for the CD cases is nice. The episodes are great. Obviously. The commentaries are the best part of the DVDs. They're so funny and fun to listen to.

    Thanks, Matt Groening and David X. Cohen!

    Kristi gave 10 points

    #16 by Jerry
    It's great, doesn't have any of my favorite episodes, but hey, it's Futurama and it's fun to watch. The audio commentaries are fun to listen too. I like it when they go completely off topic and start to ask what's this episode about? Can't wait 'till Volume 3 and 4.

    Jerry gave 9 points

    #17 by Flexo
    The episodes are fantastic but the commentary is SO bad. It seems like there is only like 5 minutes of talking throughout a 22 minute episode and the stuff they do say is lame. Plus, I can't stand David Cohen's nerd-a-tron voice.

    Flexo gave 3 points

    #18 by NIXON'S BACK
    Atlanta as a underwater city, Nixon a crazed robot president, a lobster choosing between mating and death, and Bender with a questionable sexuality this DVD rocks. Some of the best episodes but I still can't wait for Season 3 to come out.

    NIXON'S BACK gave 10 points

    #19 by Flex-O
    This set was a steal for thirty-three bucks! I got it at Costco, and I immediately watched it when I got home.

    It really has more episodes that are better than the first set, particilarly the bicyclops for two.

    Flex-O gave 10 points

    #20 by Mike
    Very nice. Four discs of fun Futurama episodes and not one less than superb. Except maybe "The Honking" but that still has it's moments. It also includes some of my favorite episodes ever such as "A Head in the Polls", "X-Mas Story", "Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?" and "Bender Gets Made".
    Video quality? Superb. Perfect. Pristine. COuldn't see anything wrong with it.
    Audio? Superb again. While only in Dolby 2.0 the fully-orchestrated soundtrack is nice and has never been heard better.
    The Special Features?
    15 of the 19 episodes have deleted scenes, Commentary on all the episodes, "A Bicyclops Built for Two" storyboards, and my favorite extra,the "Why Must I Be A Crustacean in Love?" animatic.
    The packaging is great, all the cover art on the four mini discs is too cool for words. A giant Bender and Zoidberg duke it out over the covers with Fry cheering and Leela shocked. And there's tons of other stuff there too.
    Without a doubt the menus are the coolest, animated and with music this time.
    Disc One: Underwater
    Disc Two: Flag with cars in the background
    Disc Three: Popcorn and a busted crate
    Disc Four: U-Yank.
    And each episode's own unique sub-menu is a nice touch though I was dissapointed that there was no "Play All" option, however, this set is so unbelievably cool I can't help but give it a 10/10. All Futurama Fans should have it in their home!

    Mike gave 10 points

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