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Futurama The Game PS2

Short Summary

For the first time, the Futurama universe was ported to the world of video games. In this 3D action-adventure game, you must interact with other characters throughout 21 levels including both Old and New New York, Asteroid Junkyard, Sun City and Bogard Bayou. Tell other readers what you thought of it!

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Number of Reviews: 52   Rating: 89.2%

showing entry 11 to 20 out of 53 entries

#11 by M Jackson
The cut scenes are nothing short of a work of art! Often coming close to perfection! The lovely smooth graphics match the look of the show almost perfectly, whilst giving it a cool 3D enhancment. The story, characters, and script are all right on. The script could have been used as a normal episode of the show (it would need a bit of tweeking to fit into the normal 22 minute length though). Anyway, since this is an official licence I think we all knew that these elelments would be top notch anyway. So how is Futurama as a game?

Pretty bloody good actually! So what if it doesn't make a bold new statement and revolutionise gaming. This is retro platforming action in all of it's glory! Each of the 3 characters play in a different style. Fry's section is a blasting weapons based adventure. Bender's section wouldn't be out of place in Spyro the Dragon or Crash Bandicoot (the boulder chase sequence being the most blatent tribute/rip-off). But since you're playing as Bender you get loads of funny lines to remind you that this is still Futurama. "This gem has the power to heal....MY EMPTY WALLET! AH HA HA!" & "I laugh at your pain!"
Lots of people have complained about how difficult Leela is to control. I actually like her sections the most! This part of the game is a Tomb Raider style/ kung-fu fest. Leela also gets some of the best one-liners...(her health power-ups are bottles of vitamins) "Mmmm, pills taste like candy", "Wow, these are better than steroids!", "Another daily dose of vitamin Hi-Ya!". If you leave her stationary for too long you get "It's not polite to keep a lady waiting!".
What I am pleasently suprised by is how much of a challenge the game is. I thought it would be way too simple. But almost every level has had me stuck for a certain amount of time. I'm currently stuck on an Indiana Jones style section of Leelas level "The right wing". God it's tricky. At times the game feels overly harsh, and you may get frustrated from time to time. But you get there in the end. This is a good thing realy, you don't want to complete it on day one do you!?
OK i'm not going to let the fact that this is Futurama blind me into thinking it's perfect in every way. There are elements which needed more work. Some of the enemys are truely lame! The purple weasels on Bender's canyon levels taking the golden turkey award. Sometimes the camera gets trapped behind a wall (but this happens on almost every game at some point really). It's not a big problem though. I have the PS2 version, and sometimes when you enter a section with lots of activity and enemys all at once the frame rate drops for a few seconds and the PS2 makes a clunking noise. This may not happen with the XBox version? But this isn't the games fault really, the machine just can't handle it all the time.
I'd like to have seen Zapp and Kiff atleast once (loading screens don't count) and since even Hermes and Scruffy feature briefly, Amy should too.

But these are pretty minor problems. Futurama is a great fun retro game with a brilliant script and is truely essential for any fan. Here's hoping for a sequel.

M Jackson gave 8 points

#12 by Lord of the potatoes
Usualy, Matt Groening's shows have to have a video game, xcept The critic, which would make a bad game anyway) and most of them were crap, And I mean CRAP. The latest simpsons game, Simpons Skateboarding, was the definition of crap. After hearing that there was going to be a Futurama game, I thought it was going to be worse.

But when I read reviews about it, I was wrong. I mean Really wrong. So I brought the game, and I loved every single part about it.

The best thing about the game was the things that related to the show (EX: Slurm, Mom inc, Zapp Branigan). The second the humor in the game was like the T.V. show (EX: While in the tutorial, if you open a tube door in the Planet express office, You'll find Bender taking a dump, he cries out "Hey, do you mind? Someone's in there!")

I suggest buying the game. It is short, I can tell you that, but it's still fun.


Lord of the potatoes gave 10 points

#13 by Gingers united
The game was alot better than i thought it would be. I really got into it. My mates liked watchin me play because it was like the series that we all love. I am on the last level and can't get off it even though i am not playing on it now. Oh well. I have to go now to finish it. Buy the game its great. Peace out!!!!!!!!

Gingers united gave 10 points
06.08.2003 | eMail

#14 by sn0rk
Got this game a couple of days ago and it is great fun!

Although at times gameplay can be infuriating (maybe I'm just no good with all the jumping bits - i always end up falling into lava, radioactive goop, etc), the graphics, sound, music and storyline are top notch.

There are a few minor issues with cameras & targeting but these problems dont get in the way of a fun game.

sn0rk gave 9 points
10.08.2003 | eMail

#15 by paul
I was amazed on how fun the game was I was waiting for the game a very long time. It is a very good game. I almost won the game I'm on a leela level inside the pryimid. That level is hard but very fun.

paul gave 10 points
24.08.2003 | eMail

#16 by Thomas J. Kruse
Wow i love this game i had high expectations from the start and those expectations werent surpassed (very pleasantly i might add) i love all of the characters lines and moves and levels and i especially love zoidbergs, thats so fun i love the music, i love the extras and just all around the best game ever made IMO i mean what more can you want its a incredibly cool and fun game which i play over and over (on both systems :D) the guy kept asking me, are you sure you want it for both systems?? ones a gift right?? im going to put this review on the other system as well but i cant stop playing this game its unbeleivebly fun the graphics are good the music is good and its futurama I REST MY CASE :) and i really want a sequel, which i have a really good idea for one or a good idea for a secret ending or sumthing but i got all the nibblers and nuthing happened with a secret ending, OH WELL :D heres hoping for Futurama 2

Thomas J. Kruse gave 10 points
24.08.2003 | eMail

#17 by Fry, Philip J Fry
I'm not finished yet (I'm from UK and I got it rather late - only the other day) but I think it's brilliant! I've completed the Fry and Bender levels (except for their appearances in the last two levels). Keep in mind I'm only 11!

Fry, Philip J Fry gave 10 points

#18 by BrainSluggo
I'm with sn0rk (review #14): I'm not finding this one overly easy. I play fighting games for the most part, and "Futurama (PS2)" is my first 3-D shoot-run-jump game. Plus, I'm almost four times older than #17 up there, and like it or not, that too affect my play. (Get offa my lawn, you young whippersnappers!) Besides--and I think this is hilarious--the game is triggering my acrophobia!! It was bad enough sending Fry climbing and leaping through the sewer chambers--the Fan Room was a nightmare, climbing the Flush Room was worse--but pitching Bender across dark bottomless canyon chasms actually causes me to hyperventilate. *wheeze* *pant*

Cons: The magazine reviews are correct--the camera has a tendency to wander and even spazz out. (I've fallen to my "death" a few times because the camera abruptly shifted.) The targeting lock can be a pain in the ass. It doesn't always lock onto the nearest target as stated. The Chicken Walker stage is grounds for murder.


Bugs: While probably not as bad as the infamous "Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness," this is my first noticably-buggy PS2 game and it costs it a couple of points in the rating. I've had Fry get caught in a circular run, one of the Nibblers in the "Sewers" level remains invisible to me (!), and if I bip around in the Extras too quickly, my system locks up. I've experienced the same frame drops others have described earlier, but I just sit still until everything gets caught up.

(You know, I don't know if I'm going to be able to handle Leela's "deaths." Or even Zoidberg's. Fry and Bender are bad enough.)

Pros: The graphics are SO much better than the early test run footage we've seen, aren't they? (Minor gripes: there are some shots in which Leela's neck is way off model, and a ten-year old looking at the game's box--or the PVC figures--could probably figure out the proper way to render Fry's hair in 3-D.) The expressions are well-done and occasionally truly excellent (Farnsworth's expression of disgust when Fry belches the alphabet), and the dialogue is killer. I actually had to pause the game once to wait for the giggle fit to pass.


I must confess to be a tad put off by Fry's sewer/NNYC stage, when he's blasting mutants and scooping up cash. It's an invasion robbery. One mutant didn't even get to turn around before he was falling down dead. I almost expected to turn a corner blasting away only to find I had just offed Leela's parents. Uh-oh.

I hope this one sells like hotcakes, and more "Futurama" games get made. There's still a lot of stuff to exploit. A "Food Fight" knockoff set in Elzar's, fighting URL and Smitty in the Head Museum, a visit to the Internet of the future (particularly the "See Amy Wong Naked" room)--the possibilities are endless as the cosmos themselves!

BrainSluggo gave 7 points

#19 by Fry, Philip J Fry
I'm on Leela's last level (not including Leela's Last Laugh) - and it's HELL! I can't do the bit where you have to run along the platforms that are sinking into the lava.

And BrainSluggo? Amy isn't in the game. Her and Hermes' voice actor/actress wouldn't sign onto the game becuase they had other projects.

Fry, Philip J Fry gave 10 points

#20 by Jonny
I rented this game the other day and I thought it would be pretty stupid. I;m not even done with it yet and it is awesome. This is a challenging and great game. PLAY IT!!!!!!!!

Jonny gave 10 points

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