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Futurama DVD Season 4

Short Summary

The 4th and last Futurama DVD set was released in the UK in November 2003. The final 18 episodes episodes (each with full length commentary) are now ready to complete your 72 episode Futurama DVD collection. You'll find extras spread throughout the 4 discs including a 19th commentary for the infamous and "Jurassic Bark", pencil tests, an animatic, animated 3D models, some international clips, 14 minutes of deleted scenes and two neat easter eggs.

It's available in the UK at at 30% off and up for preorders in the US at $35 at (Aug 24th).
Number of Reviews: 41   Rating: 98.2%

showing entry 31 to 40 out of 44 entries

#31 by Patrickov
Hi there, a word from the East.

A Hong Kong TV company broadcasted season 1 (maybe 2 too) few years ago. What a pity that they didn't continue. Too bad the CN here doesn't have Adult Swim.

I recently got enough money to buy the season 4 DVD set, and it turns out to be a disaster -- it's just way too excellent! I don't know if I still have guts to buy the prevoius seasons and "suffer" from some sad episodes (especially in season 3).

I intend to buy season 4 for episodes about Fry and Leela, and what I found is Zoiberg rules too! Not only "A taste of freedom" (Which is obviously my favourite, if not "The Fransworth Parabox" or "The Sting"), also in the finale ("Devil's hand"), I like it when Zoiberg urges Fry to continue (after Robot Devil got away) but laughs at him when he played badly then. And just as the commentry mentioned, it's funny to see Zoiberg having money to buy those newspapers.

And "The Fransworth Parabox". Fry A's action in the dinner is funny (is he jealous of his parallel self, or?), also Hermes A did his job hilariously.

"The Sting" and "Obsoletely Fabulous" are also touching. I like having psychological journeys with the characters.

Patrickov gave 9 points
22.11.2004 | eMail

#32 by Robert
Wow this is the best DVDBOX ever

Robert gave 10 points

#33 by R.B. of Da Revol.
There has been news Futurama might be comming back to TV depending if Family Becomes a big hit when back on telivision.
Visit thes e sites
www.hometo ... ndex.html

www.hometo ... ge21.html

www.hometo ... age22.html

R.B. of Da Revol. gave 10 points

#34 by The loser bot
Was a very good DVD
Its a shame that this is the final season

Please make more episodes even if they are only released on DVD

The loser bot gave 10 points
21.05.2005 | eMail

#35 by Rai
It's a shame that all good things eventually come to an end. Futurama's final season is possibly the best, thanks to the final array of episodes being the most spectacular. They're more plot based than the first three seasons, but still regain humour.

Highlights include the song at the end of the final episode, 'The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings', and the commentaries are some of the best they've been so far.

If you only get one season, get this one.

Rai gave 10 points
22.05.2005 | eMail

#36 by Choweman
The episodes Jurrasic Bark and T.D.H.A.I.P are just a few of the supberb episode avalable in that series

Choweman gave 10 points

#37 by addicted
This would have to be the best fucking box set out of all 4 season.

addicted gave 10 points
24.12.2005 | eMail

#38 by RAM
Well, the best episodes of FUTURAMA are in this pack, and there are a lot of hidden treasures as well as special features to be found... And also the picture and music are both superb.... as well as the audio. FUTURAMA is the best animated TV Series of aLL time.

RAM gave 10 points

#39 by Lamusiqe13
This is the best Futurama DVD. The commentaries are incredibly interesting, the extras are great, and the episodes are amazing. Highlights: Kif Gets Knocked Up A Notch, Leela's Homeworld, Love and Rocket, Jurassic Bark, Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles, The Why of Fry, The Sting, The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings. That's almost half the DVD. Buy it. You won't regret it.

Lamusiqe13 gave 10 points

#40 by Felipe Ruzicka
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Felipe Ruzicka gave 10 points

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