Remeber Me

   One year ago the Futurama staff was told to go look for new projects as FOX wasn't ready to order more episodes at that time.

   Since then, Futurama won the Emmy for "Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming Less Than One Hour)", got an Annie Awards nomination for "Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Television Production", won Rich Moore the "Directing in an Animated Television Production" Annie Award, gave Ken Keeler a WGA Award nomination for "Animation - any length - one airing time" and helped Patric Verrone to win a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Animation Writers Caucus.

   Cartoon Network made its biggest investment yet for the rights to rerun Futurama on their Adult Swim block. Great promotion on channels like TNT and CNN, in high profile magazines, on street buses, on radio and even in men's restrooms made Futurama blossom at its 5x a week 11pm time slot and gave Cartoon Network a huge boost in ratings and a solid new fan base ready to make the upcomming DVD set the same success that it was in Europe. In other words: Recognition among TV critics, TV industry professionals and fans is high.

   Still, Futurama aired no more than 5 times on FOX this season and enjoyed little to no promotion. Most of these 5 episodes were pre-empted throughout the East coast due to its sub-optimal 7pm time slot. But more importantly: No new episodes were ordered yet.

   Remember Futurama.