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Futurama News
Archive for May 2002

Contest winners

Well, as I said in my last update... Here are the winners to last weeks contest!
Grand prize winner: V. Fog (I said full names! but, meh....) will be getting the LA weekly signed by 12 Futurama staff memebers.
5 Runner ups: Seth, Jay, Halldór, Daniel, and Shawn will all be getting or forwarding email addresses!

All emails have been sent out to the above winners and if they don't respond within a week or so, I'll draw another random winner.

01-05-2002 | | 5 comments Jump to last comment on 'Contest winners' View 'Contest winners' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Contest winners'

Pending Doom!

Another article about futurama's pending doom! Click here to read the story.
01-05-2002 | | add comment View 'Pending Doom!' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Pending Doom!'

Simpsons and Futurama to unite

At least in comic version.
Bongo Comics will produce a cross over comic book this summer. I'll see that I get more info for you by next week on this one. In the meantime, have a look at fan reviews of their current comics and rate them yourself.
02-05-2002 | | add comment View 'Simpsons and Futurama to unite' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Simpsons and Futurama to unite'

Juicy Details

Erdrik's second part of his Amy-heavy Fan Fic "The Juicy Details" is up for reading and rating. Have fun.
02-05-2002 | | add comment View 'Juicy Details' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Juicy Details'

Foxy Answers 2

I have more and more people telling me they got their emails to FOX answered with the following:

"FUTURAMA will be back next Season will(sic!) a full season of ALL-NEW episodes!!!

Thanks for writing

Well, obviously, that's propaganda. Mail them back and ask if by "ALL-NEW" they mean the 1 to 2 years old episodes they never showed due to the bad time slot and pre-empting. We want them to ask the production team to do *REAL NEW* episodes so they can keep their work up.
Also *full season* is a lie, too. There are only 16 episodes left.
03-05-2002 | | 3 comments Jump to last comment on 'Foxy Answers 2' View 'Foxy Answers 2' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Foxy Answers 2'

Wow, what a cheesy effect!

Hey guys, I got some submissions today from Nico. He made some fan art for us so check it out. Oh yeah, he also asked me to ask you guys if anyone knew the keyboard notes for futurama, if you do, please email them to me
04-05-2002 | | 2 comments Jump to last comment on 'Wow, what a cheesy effect!' View 'Wow, what a cheesy effect!' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Wow, what a cheesy effect!'

Foxy Answers 3

In case you wrote FOX again inquiring, you probably got something like this answer:

We will decide that in May of 2003 - just like any other show for the 03/04 Season.
Talk to you in a year.
Thanks for writing.

Boy, that guy answering askfox@ must be pissed... In a year, hu? I think not.
Lets see ... It takes about 6 to 9 months to produce a Futurama episode. That is, if there is a well trained team, which there is no more. So, make it 10. Now, 10 months from May 2003 that's ... March 2004. Not quite the season start of 2003 (September 2003). They need to hire them by November/December this year the latest, not in a year.
Go write the FOX!
05-05-2002 | | 11 comments Jump to last comment on 'Foxy Answers 3' View 'Foxy Answers 3' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Foxy Answers 3'

Pop up warning?

See a pop up with a warning when entering CGEF?
Well, then you have been the victim of some scumware. To clarify: you did not get the infection from CGEF, but probably by programs like Kazaa/Morpheus. If so, get Ad-aware and remove the parasites these programs install in addition to their normal function.
The reason why we added this check/warning is that the parasites take away our income from ads, which keep this site alive.
05-05-2002 | | 4 comments Jump to last comment on 'Pop up warning?' View 'Pop up warning?' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Pop up warning?'

Argh, He's Back Again.

It's been a while since I added anything by me here, so here goes.

The first new pictures is one for all Amyholics to appreciate, and features her in some lingerie and a very natty bikini, both are 3D Shaded and loosely based on the Paper Dolls Book, Amy cardboard cutout figure.

The second new art features Leela and Fry from "A Pharoah To Remember", it's a first for me as I did the entire picture in Paint Shop Pro, albeit not 3D Shaded (got lazy), I worked my socks off to get it accurate.

Enjoy. Be back with more art in the near future.

(10 and counting).
05-05-2002 | | add comment View 'Argh, He's Back Again.' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Argh, He's Back Again.'

Some more fanart!

I got even more fan art from nico today Go check it out here
06-05-2002 | | add comment View 'Some more fanart!' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Some more fanart!'

CGEF goes mobile

I just made a wml based version for CGEF, the purpose of it is to make cgef accessible from your mobile phone. It's purpose is mostly based on giving information on the cancellation of futurama and what to do about it. If you want to visit it with your mobile phone add a bookmark to . The page has been tested with a Nokia 7110 phone.
08-05-2002 | | 2 comments Jump to last comment on 'CGEF goes mobile' View 'CGEF goes mobile' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'CGEF goes mobile'

Mobile Episode Guide

As our Episode Guide is one of the most popular areas on this site, I added a mobile version to our wap-site at
09-05-2002 | | add comment View 'Mobile Episode Guide' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Mobile Episode Guide'

Warning about AskFox

>FUTURAMA will be back next Season will a full season of ALL-NEW episodes!!!
>Thanks for writing
Alot of the people who wrote emails to fox got this reply, this means nothing, they will have another season, but there are still no episodes in production, if they don't do that, after this "season" it'll all be over, and since they are old unaired episodes that won't take long. Email them back, saying this and ask them 'are there still episodes in production' or so
11-05-2002 | | 6 comments Jump to last comment on 'Warning about AskFox' View 'Warning about AskFox' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Warning about AskFox'

Over the pond

British Sky Broadcasting Group about its performance lately:

"LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 10, 2002
[...] The quality and popularity of Sky's channels was demonstrated in the quarter, as share of viewing in all UK homes increased by 18% to 6.7%, up from 5.7% on the prior year. Sky One is achieving record audiences for popular shows like Star Trek Enterprise, Futurama, Buffy the Vampire Slayer , [...] helping it to its highest ever share of viewing in the quarter"

Looks like at least one channel knows what jewel it has/had in Futurama.
11-05-2002 | | 8 comments Jump to last comment on 'Over the pond' View 'Over the pond' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Over the pond'

German Episode Guide Book

For a long time, has a book called
'Die Simpsons und Futurama. Der komplette inoffizielle Serienguide' (complete inofficial epguide for simpsons & Futurama) listed for publishing in September. I talked to Thomas H
12-05-2002 | | 1 comment View 'German Episode Guide Book ' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'German Episode Guide Book '

how many roads must a man walk down?

42! Ok this was not relevant to my update I put up some new fan art from Erdrik for you people to watch. I think they're very good, but ofcourse we already know what quality he gives us btw, you've probably been noticing me being less active for the site, well it's because I have exams soon. I'll still update for a while and then I really have to get studying
13-05-2002 | | 2 comments Jump to last comment on 'how many roads must a man walk down?' View 'how many roads must a man walk down?' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'how many roads must a man walk down?'

A peek at the FOXy Fall line up

This Thursday FOX is said to officially reveal its fall/winter season line up.
It looks like FOX is transforming its Sunday to a comedy day featuring the new comedy show "Oliver Beene" at 7:30 pm and "The Simpsons" at 8pm.
"King of the Hill" gets the much desired 'after Simpsons' slot and is followed by "Malcolm in the Middle" at 9 and then either "The Grubbs" or "The Pitt" at 9:30pm.
Where does that leave Futurama? Well, at 7pm. Again. Which means we can all rejoice and await the jolly recurring preemptions and possibly a late season start again. Yay.
Why King of the Hill gets such a great treatment? I don't know, I really don't know.
14-05-2002 | | 23 comments Jump to last comment on 'A peek at the FOXy Fall line up' View 'A peek at the FOXy Fall line up' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'A peek at the FOXy Fall line up'

Futurama Action Figures

The Dark Horse Comics outlet Things From Another World stocked the hard to find
'Fry Action Figure' by Moore Action Collectibles. Not only that, but they also straight away reduced the price by 25% resulting in $9.71. This probably makes it one of the most interesting merchandise figures around.

Have a look at our toy-imp Jon's in depth review of the Fry figure which ended in a 9 out of 10 verdict.

If you'd rather want a Leela, have a look at eToys and search for 'Futurama' there. As one would guess, she doesn't carry a reduced price tag though ($12.99).
15-05-2002 | | 1 comment View 'Futurama Action Figures' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Futurama Action Figures'

CGEF on the road

As there were some complaints about our WAP-Portal only featuring static info, I added the complete episode guide to it last week and now finally managed to have our current news on the newly added domain, too. So you should be able to read just this en route now.
Only problem: I've got no WAP mobile phone, so I had to test it using an emulator. If you have a suitable mobile, have a look at it and either mail me or use the comments of this news entry.
16-05-2002 | | 3 comments Jump to last comment on 'CGEF on the road' View 'CGEF on the road' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'CGEF on the road'

FOX's Fall Lineup

As denotes now, the previously reported line up for fall with Futurama at the instable 7pm timeslot is now fact.
Incidently, 'King of the Hill' which will now have the much desired 8:30pm 'after the Simpsons' slot had a much promoted, one hour, special season final at 7:30PM last Sunday and managed to have an over-night rating of only 4.1/7 compared to Futurama's 4.5/8.
17-05-2002 | | 6 comments Jump to last comment on 'FOX's Fall Lineup' View 'FOX's Fall Lineup' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'FOX's Fall Lineup'

Homeworld Sounds

The Sounds for 'Leela's Homeworld' featuring the best lines of the episode that revealed us Leela's secret are now up. We are kinda behind on the sound side, but hey, that way we have something to do while there are no new Futurama episodes

Oh, and as it's still one of the most asked questions: The song playing at the end of the show is "Baby Love Child" from the album "Made in USA" by "Pizzicato 5". There are some samples on the linked site (amazon).
18-05-2002 | | add comment View 'Homeworld Sounds' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Homeworld Sounds'

3K3 in 2K3

If you haven't seen or purchased yet, Amazon has the 2003 Calendar for 20% off the cover price if you preorder now. As usual, it comes with full color semi-glossy pages. Each day of the month contains a holiday or event (famous birthdays, etc.)... Travelling back in time to your slimy tentacles in July 2002.
18-05-2002 | | 1 comment View '3K3 in 2K3' in a new window (permalink) printable version of '3K3 in 2K3'

Futurama Repeats

From June 2nd on, FOX will start airing repeats on Sundays at 7PM/6C. They start off with 'Roswell that Ends Well' which got a quite good CGEF user rating of 89%. Especially for the east-coasters, this is a good chance to finally see the episode as (quote Scott O) "people like to watch running and jumping beasts on a football field instead" there.

Let's hope this is a summer-lasting thing.
19-05-2002 | | 2 comments Jump to last comment on 'Futurama Repeats' View 'Futurama Repeats' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Futurama Repeats'

4 Ft. Tall and No Where to Go

Remember those 4 foot tall Bender statues at the Tower Outlets? Well, now Tower Records is giving them away. Not really. They are selling them online for $699.99. Only 50 of these lifelike Maquettes were produced exclusively for Tower Records by Moore Action Collectibles. So, if you feel the urge to miss this months rent, You can justify it with your very own lifeless Bending Unit! See ya laterz Gullible shoppers.
19-05-2002 | | 4 comments Jump to last comment on '4 Ft. Tall and No Where to Go' View '4 Ft. Tall and No Where to Go' in a new window (permalink) printable version of '4 Ft. Tall and No Where to Go'

Futurama Internationale

After praising the British channel Sky|One a few days ago, it seems like they felt that it's time to get back on us: As 'PCC Fred' tells on PEEL, they decided not to show Futurama next Sunday. According to digiguide they will show the episode one week later though. So hopes are high that they actually show "all" season 4 episodes.

That said: The German channel Pro7 is going to continue showing season 3 episodes on Sat, Jun 1st at 18:00 after they stopped it due to weak ratings. While that timeslot sure is far from good in summer, germans at least get the chance to see the superb episode "Amazonen machen Snu Snu" ("Amazon Women in the Mood") on that date.

And related to this: Our International TV Listing might be out of date. It's hard for us to check that as we do not have contributers in every single country (yet ). If you see listings that need updating or know of a new country that shows Futurama, use the comments for this news-entry.
20-05-2002 | | 10 comments Jump to last comment on 'Futurama Internationale' View 'Futurama Internationale' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Futurama Internationale'

Buggalo Sounds

One down, one to go to finish the Season 4 sounds & quotes section.
Today: 'Where the buggalo roam'.

Zapp: "The quickest way to a girl's bed is through her parents'. Have sex with them and you're in." (listen to it)
21-05-2002 | | 5 comments Jump to last comment on 'Buggalo Sounds' View 'Buggalo Sounds' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Buggalo Sounds'

Italian and French Futurama DVDs

Today, the Season 1 DVDs are to be released in France. The 13 episodes offer English, French and Italian dubbing in Dolby Digital 2.0 together with French, English, Italian and Dutch subtitles. As one would expect, the discs are region 2 (Europe, middle east, Japan). lists them with surprisingly high
22-05-2002 | | 5 comments Jump to last comment on 'Italian and French Futurama DVDs' View 'Italian and French Futurama DVDs' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Italian and French Futurama DVDs'

News on News

I want to use this news entry to thank Adam Clacher, who got CGEF and our petition into the popular British magazine "DVD Review". Also thanks to 'wiggles' for letting me know that.
Although FOX won't comment on the petition itself, it sure doesn't go unnoticed and it helps Matt Groening and David X Cohen to bolster up any negotiations with FOX and/or other channels. Keep promoting our cause to conventional media like Adam did!
23-05-2002 | | 2 comments Jump to last comment on 'News on News' View 'News on News' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'News on News'

The Paper Saga Continues

Futurama Comic #9 is available today. 32 full color pages By Eric Rogers, Tom King and Bill Morrison. Bongo Solicitation reads:
It seems like "Great Nephew Day" creeps up on you all of a sudden, just like "Red-Headed Stepchild Day." So Fry goes in search of the perfect gift for Professor Farnsworth. Little does he know that his gift will lead to a scientifically unexplainable phenomenon that will make them both swap bodies. Farnworth's personality inhabits Fry's body and vice versa. The whole thing turns into a really "Freaky Fry Day."

If you haven't pre-ordered, then pick up a copy at FandomShop Online for $2.50 or Forbidden Planet (click 'comics' then '23rd May') for
24-05-2002 | | add comment View 'The Paper Saga Continues' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'The Paper Saga Continues'

Futurama Redux

As mentioned before, 2nd of June (Sunday in a week) will be the start of the summer rerun season which commence with the Season 4 premier episode 'Roswell that Ends Well' at 7PM/6C on FOX. Roswell got quite a good feedback by our visitors. We get to see Fry's grandpa due to a timetravel back to the 1947.

It looks like FOX is going to jump a bit with the episodes as the next Futurama episode - the Sunday after - will be 'Love & Rocket' which guest stars Alien mommy Sigourney Weaver as the voice of the newly upgraded Planet Express Ship. This is actually one of the only 3 episodes out of Futurama's 4th production run which we got to see yet.

(sorry for screwing up on this one at first :p I'll get my whip out. As a remedy, have fun looking at this: pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4)
25-05-2002 | | 5 comments Jump to last comment on 'Futurama Redux' View 'Futurama Redux' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Futurama Redux'


Small change regarding the #futuramachat: In case you use mIRC or other IRC clients to join, please change your server settings to . The old domain ( has ceased to exist.
26-05-2002 | | add comment View '#futuramachat' in a new window (permalink) printable version of '#futuramachat'

Sky|One at it again *updated*

Looks like the British channel Sky|One is at it again:
Instead of a new season 4 episode they'll show a rerun of the season 3 episode The Day the Earth Stood Stupid on June 2nd. Thanks to 'PCC Fred' for telling me that.
Related link: PEEL thread on Futurma/Sky.

Additon by 'The Skoot' on PEEL:
However, Sky are showing Futurama loads next week for Half-Term, including a documentary! Here's what will shown:
11:00 - Put Your Head On My Shoulders
15:45 - Futurama: Welcome To The World Of Tomorrow
11:00 - The Problem With Popplers
15:00 - Xmas Story
15:30 - Brannigan Begin Again
15:00 - Why Must I Be A Crustacean In Love
15:30 - Lesser Of Two Evils
15:00 - A Bicyclops Built For Two
15:30 - How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back
PS: The 4 feet Bender Maquette at Tower Records (extras -> action figures) now says "low stock" which according to their FAQ means 3 or less left.
27-05-2002 | | 6 comments Jump to last comment on 'Sky|One at it again *updated*' View 'Sky|One at it again *updated*' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Sky|One at it again *updated*'

Futurama, Live Long and Prosper...

Have here two promotional pictures from the Season 4 Finale "Where No Fan Has Gone Before." One of the pictures is featured to the right and the other is of Leela vs. Captain Kirk. Click Here for 'Fry and the Star Trek cast' or Here for 'Leela vs. Captain Kirk.'

Dear FOX execs,
We have not forgotten about the Save Futurama cause. So please eat a couple of bananas, pick the insects from eachothers backs, scratch your heads and reconsider the errors in your ways!
28-05-2002 | | add comment View 'Futurama, Live Long and Prosper...' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Futurama, Live Long and Prosper...'

Awesome to the Max

Some while ago, Max sent us his final 3 fan arts for season 4, which you can use to neatofy your Futurama collection in case you digitally archive your VHS tapes for quality reasons or something Sorry for being slow with updating on this Max.

On a related note: We need more Fan Art, Fan Fiction, Fan dunno. Basically, whatever you come up with as long as it has to do with Futurama. Here is the place to get due exposure. Just get it mailed to me.
28-05-2002 | | add comment View 'Awesome to the Max' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Awesome to the Max'

Fan Stuff is in!

Ok, as first responses:
Lennie Asserholt (static from PEEL) reminded me that we still got his two fan fics unpublished. Oopsy. Andie is taking some time off for exams, so it was rotting in his email inbox. Now 'No More Secrets Part 1' and Part 2 are up for you to enjoy. Don't forget to tell the authors what you thought of their works by rating them.

Also, Russell sent me 2 pics of his 'Leela lost in Time' series and then one "send fox mail" propaganda. You can find them among the "various authors" in our Fan Art Gallery.

Keep things flowing.
29-05-2002 | | add comment View 'Fan Stuff is in!' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Fan Stuff is in!'

Simpsons & Futurama

Wonder what it would be like if the Simpsons and the Planet Express crew clashed? This summer Bongo Comics will publish a 2 issue, 32 pages each, mini series with just that. DiamondComics has two preview pictures on their site. More maybe soon.

The picture shown above is not from the comic but a fanart by 'Otis P Jivefunk'.
30-05-2002 | | 5 comments Jump to last comment on 'Simpsons & Futurama' View 'Simpsons & Futurama' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Simpsons & Futurama'

Incoming Hodge

Just yesterday we told about the Simpsons & Futurama Crossover Comic and today Hodge sends us a little scan of Bender and Homer drinking beer along with two others. This brings the Hodge Scan area up to 25 scans. Thanks Hodge.
31-05-2002 | | 4 comments Jump to last comment on 'Incoming  Hodge' View 'Incoming  Hodge' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Incoming  Hodge'

German Futurama daily

Well first - as mentioned before - the German channel Pro7 will continue airing season 3 Saturdays at 18:00 starting with "Amazon Women in the Mood" or "Amazonen machen Snu-Snu".

Secondly, they will also be airing Futurama episodes from season 1 again. So if you are a) german b) sort of new to the show and c) to cheap to buy the Futurama DVDs then this is your chance to catch up. Reruns will be Monday through Friday at 18:30 starting Monday the first of July.
31-05-2002 | | 5 comments Jump to last comment on 'German Futurama daily' View 'German Futurama daily' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'German Futurama daily'

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