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Futurama News
Archive for January 2004

Best wishes for 2004!

Best wishes for 2004 from the entire Can't Get Enough Futurama team. I hope we will have another great year ahead of us and may the futurama community live on. Also some good news for the Canadian visitors:
Futurama, the series People magazine called "clever, irreverent and cutting edge" has found a new home on TELETOON, airing Saturdays and Sundays at 9:00 p.m. beginning January 10, 2004. Teletoon will broadcast all 72 episodes of Futurama's five season run, big news to the sci-fi spoof's legions of die-hard fans. Also a television industry favourite, Futurama received a 2003 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Animated Program.
Together with Family Guy (Another FOX victim) it will their strongest prime time line up.
01-01-2004 | | 35 comments Jump to last comment on 'Best wishes for 2004!' View 'Best wishes for 2004!' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Best wishes for 2004!'

Kickin' It Old School

Coming up later this month: The first part of Ian Boothby's "Time Bender trilogy".
When Professor Farnsworth's clone Cubert shows a slight dip in his studies and a decrease in his IQ, he is sent across the galaxy in search of a school that will save his brain from atrophying. But Cubert's not the only one sent off to boarding school. Fry, Leela and Bender find themselves trapped in the Blackboard Jungle as well. Join us for the prologue to The Time Bender Trilogy - a special Futurama story arc - in four parts!
We will soon provide you with some more info about the exact date and the cover of the comic.
04-01-2004 | | 32 comments Jump to last comment on 'Kickin' It Old School' View 'Kickin' It Old School' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Kickin' It Old School'

Annie Award Nominations...

Even though Futurama is no longer in production it is still getting a lot of attention, it got 2 nominations (one more than the simpsons!) in the the 2003 Annie Award Nominations. The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings got a nomination in the 'Music in an Animated Television Production' category and The Sting got nominated for 'Writing in an Animated Television Production'.
Writing in an Animated Television Production:
Paul Dini - "Justice League - Comfort & Joy"
Rebecca May - "King of the Hill - Reborn to be Wild"
Patric Verrone - "Futurama - The Sting"
William Waldner - "Captain Sturdy - The Originals"
Matt Warburton - "The Simpsons - Three Gays of the Condo"
Winners to be announced February 7th, 2004 at Annual AnnieAwards Ceremony at the Alex Theatre in Glendale! For more info visit The Annie Awards
06-01-2004 | | 36 comments Jump to last comment on 'Annie Award Nominations...' View 'Annie Award Nominations...' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Annie Award Nominations...'

It was the Southerners!

Classic moment of "What the???" for me this morning:

Scouring through google's news service, I found a report titled "Angry Southerners Single Out Detractors" on a news site called "Uncle Sharky's US Press". In a list of southerner bashing samples in the media, it states:
FOX: All Cartoons on Fox
Many episodes of "The Simpsons", "The Family Guy", "Futurama" and "King of the Hill" make extensive use of Southern slurs. An overwhelming write-in campaign was successful in forcing Fox's cancellation of "The Family Guy" and "Futurama." Activists promise the same for the remaining shows.
Luckily, the site is a satire one. No clue how it found its way into the google news.
09-01-2004 | | 44 comments Jump to last comment on 'It was the Southerners!' View 'It was the Southerners!' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'It was the Southerners!'

And Back Again

We mostly completed a server move this morning which caused a few hours of outage. Sorry for that.

There are a few things that don't yet work to their fullest.

Capsule submissions and Guestbook entries from the past month didn't make it here. To compensate, the Games, Desktop and Multimedia sections got a few sections back which were too stressful for the previous server.

If you find anything else not working, use the comments for this entry.

*UPDATE* submit, istory, fanart have been activated, you can send in your submits to those emails. --Andie
14-01-2004 | | 7 comments Jump to last comment on 'And Back Again' View 'And Back Again' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'And Back Again'

Single Discs

An interesting initiative has been announced by 20th Century Fox. They have announced the release of TV Singles, single-disc releases featuring some of the best episodes from their popular TV series. Futurama being one of them, it will be represented by separate discs containing episodes from the first and second seasons. The discs will be available at low prices, and are supposed to be on the market from March 31, 2004!
14-01-2004 | | 21 comments Jump to last comment on 'Single Discs' View 'Single Discs' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Single Discs'

Happy 4 year anniversary!

I almost forgot about it myself, but today is the 4 year anniversary of the first CGEF ran by me and Jason Peavey. I know it has been a while and a lot has changed, but I still feel that this moment should be remembered Anyway, I got 4 new winamp skins from Sushigal007 (pretty cool ones even) and some new Fan Fiction stories. Enjoy!
15-01-2004 | | 12 comments Jump to last comment on 'Happy 4 year anniversary!' View 'Happy 4 year anniversary!' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Happy 4 year anniversary!'

Crimes of the Gore

Former Vice-President Al Gore gave a speech on the environment for the group on January 15th. He used a clip from "Crimes of the Hot" to help explain Global Warming.
"Now, don't spin any time on this one [points to green house chart] because this is the way the technical explanation is given of the green house effect with the sun rays coming in and they radiate back out. Some of them are trapped but that's a good thing. But when the green house gases thicken it they are trapped more. And that heats it up and that's bad. This is a much better explanation:
[Plays "None Like it Hot"] [applause]
Our daughter Kristin works with Matt Groening out in Hollywood - or did rather - and they allowed me to use that - I think - pretty good explanation of global warming, for telling the truth."
You can catch the speech on in text and video format. Maybe in another life Gore would have been president and Futurama would have still been alive. Oh a man can dream, can't he?
16-01-2004 | | 47 comments Jump to last comment on 'Crimes of the Gore' View 'Crimes of the Gore' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Crimes of the Gore'

Writers Guild Award Nominations

After receiving two Annie Award nomination two weeks ago, Futurama is up for yet another late award!
The Writers Guild of America gave Futurama's writer and previous occupant of the Guild's Animation Caucus' Lifetime Achievement Award Patric Verrone a nomination for his episode "The Sting". He comes in to defend the crown which Ken Keeler captured for Futurama with "Godfellas" last year.

The other contestants in the "Writing in Animation for TV" category are:
  • Simpsons - The Dad Who Knew too Little
  • Simpsons - Moe Baby Blues
  • Simpsons - My Mother the Carjacker
  • King of the Hill - Reborn to be Wild
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron - Rescue Jet Fusion

    So, nothing new on that front. 3 Simpsons, one King of the Hill and one I've never heard of just like last year

    Results will be announced at the Century Plaza Hotel in Century City on February 21st.
  • 20-01-2004 | | 24 comments Jump to last comment on 'Writers Guild Award Nominations' View 'Writers Guild Award Nominations' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Writers Guild Award Nominations'

    Absolute Bender

    Vr_maniac offered us 2 nice movie parodies, and we put them up in the Fan art Section. It features a "Kill Bill" and a "Absolute vodka" parody. We also got a new wallpaper from Dr Mario. Like hedonism bot would say: "I apologize for nothing!"
    26-01-2004 | | 7 comments Jump to last comment on 'Absolute Bender' View 'Absolute Bender' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Absolute Bender'

    CGEF Comic Drawing Contest

    As you might have noticed through the little comic strip on top of this page, we've started a comic drawing contest for the fans here. For prizes and conditions, check the contest page.

    Thanks to edel for the contest introduction comic.

    If there are questions left, mail me or use the comments.
    26-01-2004 | | 42 comments Jump to last comment on 'CGEF Comic Drawing Contest' View 'CGEF Comic Drawing Contest' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'CGEF Comic Drawing Contest'

    A sad sad day for human kind

    After googling, I came across this article. As some of you might remember, 3001 is a movie that features some guy waking up in the year 3001(sound familiar?)

    LOS ANGELES ( - Twentieth Century Fox is rocketing Luke Wilson into the next millennium.

    The 32-year-old actor will star in Mike Judge's comedy "3001," as a man who wakes from sleep only to find out 1,000 years has passed.

    Although this project sounds similar to Fox's defunct cartoon "Futurama," Fox's comedy featured a spacey delivery boy lost in a technologically advanced future whereas "3001" sets up Joe Bowers (Wilson) as the most intelligent person alive now that civilization is dumbed-down, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
    shooting is scheduled to start in mid-April and no futurama movie in sight :/
    31-01-2004 | | 83 comments Jump to last comment on 'A sad sad day for human kind' View 'A sad sad day for human kind' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'A sad sad day for human kind'

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