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Futurama News
Archive for February 2004

88.1 Interview with Lamarche

Action Jacktion from PEEL notified me about a roughly half hour radio interview 88.1 The 'Burg did with Maurice Lamarche on their Weekly Geek cast. The interview wasn't Futurama centered but talk on Maurice's work as Morbo and Kif did ensue.

With permission of 88.1, the interview in 3 files:
  • part 1 (9min, 8.7MB)
  • part 2 (8min, 7.9MB)
  • part 3 (15min, 14.3MB)

    Maurice mentions his work on The Critic and together with Billy West on "Comic Book - The Movie", which both came out on DVD the other day. In addition, the hosts ask him when the next Futurama seasons come out on DVD. He didn't know, so: March 9th for Season 3. The date for Season 4 isn't known yet.
  • 03-02-2004 | | 10 comments Jump to last comment on '88.1 Interview with Lamarche ' View '88.1 Interview with Lamarche ' in a new window (permalink) printable version of '88.1 Interview with Lamarche '

    Futurama Comics #16

    Futurama Comics #16 was released today. It originally was suppose to come out last week, but got delayed for unknown reasons. This is the first issue of the four part trilogy (four part trilogy...) by Ian Boothby. The next issue is scheduled to come out in about four months (give or take.)
    When Professor Farnsworth's clone Cubert shows a slight dip in his studies and a decrease in his IQ, he is sent across the galaxy in search of a school that will save his brain from atrophying. But Cubert's not the only one sent off to boarding school. Fry, Leela, and Bender find themselves trapped in the Blackboard Jungle as well. Join us for the prologue to "The Time Bender Trilogy" - a special Futurama story arc - in four parts!
    If you got it and read it, review it!

    In related news, the guy at the comic shop that I bought this from had a Futurama t-shirt on. I asked him if he knew about, he said no. I then told him I'm the uber-nerd who never updates on the best Futurama website on the net. He seemed amazed! Eh, not really. But we did have a nice conversation on the lack of Futurama t-shirts, and the fact that he bought 6 of them way back in 1999 when Fox actually sold some good Futurama shirts.
    05-02-2004 | | 31 comments Jump to last comment on 'Futurama Comics #16' View 'Futurama Comics #16' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Futurama Comics #16'

    No Annie For Futurama

    According to Variety, the two Annie categories Futurama was nominated for went to its sibling show "The Simpsons".

    For "Music in an Animated Television Production", Ken Keeler's song from "The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings" was beaten by a song from The Simpsons "Dude, Where's My Ranch" - written by Ken Keeler et al.

    In "Writing in an Animated Television Production" Patric Verrone's Futurama episode "The Sting" had to bow to The Simpsons "Three Gays of the Condo" in which Homer shares rooms with said guys after getting in trouble with Marge again. This is the second time that episode beat a Futuarma one and to be honest... I didn't think "Three Gays" was that great compared to the first Simpsons episode with a gay theme.

    The upcoming WGA awards will again pit "The Sting" against Simpsons episodes. So let's hope I don't have to rant again.
    08-02-2004 | | 20 comments Jump to last comment on 'No Annie For Futurama' View 'No Annie For Futurama' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'No Annie For Futurama'

    Season 3 DVD Reminder

    One more month to go!

    On March 9th the Americans among us will finally get to see the Season 3 DVD set arrive. If you are still undecided, curse you! That, or read our review of the European version which we'll be updating to reflect the expected changes (packaging, languages, subtitles and menus) once we got our sample.

    Amazon offers 30% off if you preorder. That's only 35$ for 22 episodes.

    We'll be looking into starting some give-away contest soon. You can always cancel your preorder with amazon should you win
    09-02-2004 | | 32 comments Jump to last comment on 'Season 3 DVD Reminder' View 'Season 3 DVD Reminder' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Season 3 DVD Reminder'

    Comic-Contest Ends Soon

    The Comic Contest only has three more days to go, so hurry with the submissions! I submitted a comic, but evil-marc wouldn't let it be in the contest for some dumb reason.* But I'm going to let you people see it anyway! So without further ado, my entry!

    *cause I work on CGEF, I guess, spluh. Lame excuse.
    12-02-2004 | | 35 comments Jump to last comment on 'Comic-Contest Ends Soon' View 'Comic-Contest Ends Soon' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Comic-Contest Ends Soon'

    No Passport Required

    You're a nerd. You're overly productive and can do the work of five minions in half the time they could. Needless to say, you have a little extra time on your hands at work. Time that lets you be active on Fark and read The Onion. And of course stay up-to-date on all of your favorite TechTV shows, news, and entertainment.
    Nope this article isn't making fun of you You can help pick the top 10 cartoon nerds ever @! They have nominated Professor Farnsworth (among other ones) in their list of nominees. So I encourage you to read the article and vote for our lovable professor.
    13-02-2004 | | 21 comments Jump to last comment on 'No Passport Required' View 'No Passport Required' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'No Passport Required'

    Comic Contest Over

    The deadline for the comic contest has been reached. We received more than 50 entries, so judging them will take a bit. If everything goes fine, the results will be up tonight. Tomorrow the latest.
    Thanks to everyone for participating!
    16-02-2004 | | 6 comments Jump to last comment on 'Comic Contest Over' View 'Comic Contest Over' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Comic Contest Over'

    Futurama Up for Nebula Award

    Another posthumous nomination for Futurama! This time, David A. Goodman's "Where No Fan Has Gone Before" is up to grab the trophy for Best Script in the Science Fiction And Fantasy Writers of America Nebula Award.
    The other contenders are Finding Nemo, Minority Report, Spirited Away and The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.
    I think it's save to say that Futurama is posed against a quite competitive field there. It also is the only TV production, which tells you something about either the quality of Futurama's writing or the quality of the heaps and heaps of scripts not nominated

    The results will be in on April 17th and announced at the Westin Seattle Hotel, Seattle, WA.
    16-02-2004 | | 17 comments Jump to last comment on 'Futurama Up for Nebula Award' View 'Futurama Up for Nebula Award' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Futurama Up for Nebula Award'

    Comic Contest Winners Are In!

    Finally, our jury team made a decision Wasn't easy. We had to make some changes to the prize winning structure, but we're sure the winners won't mind
    Speaking of which: If you are one of the lucky winners, make sure to email me your full shipping address and your pick from the pool of prizes!

    But now, go head over to the results and read through them!

    Any Bongo recruiters out there?
    16-02-2004 | | 52 comments Jump to last comment on 'Comic Contest Winners Are In!' View 'Comic Contest Winners Are In!' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Comic Contest Winners Are In!'

    Slurm Cans Online again

    Every now and then the Futurama Slurm Can becomes available online. Since it's one of the most popular non-DVD items at $8, it's usually worth a notice on here and then a few hours later tends to be out of stock again Last time it took mere 5 hours. Let's hope they stocked a few more this time.
    Go to eMerchandise if you want one.

    UPDATE: Told ya so, they're back ordered again.
    21-02-2004 | | 14 comments Jump to last comment on 'Slurm Cans Online again' View 'Slurm Cans Online again' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Slurm Cans Online again'

    Simpsons win WGA Award

    After Ken Keeler won it last year with "Godfellas", the WGA Award Futurama was nominated for went to one out of the three Simpsons episodes. Thus, "The Sting" got beaten by the Simpsons yet again. But this time it at least was a different episode "The Dad Who Knew too Little" had Homer hire a private investigator to get to know Lisa better after setting her up with a phony birthday present. It managed to pull ahead of "Moe Baby Blues" and "My Mother the Carjacker" of Simpsons fame, "King of the Hill - Reborn to be Wild" and "The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron - Rescue Jet Fusion". Congrats to Matt Selman.
    22-02-2004 | | 7 comments Jump to last comment on 'Simpsons win WGA Award ' View 'Simpsons win WGA Award ' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Simpsons win WGA Award '

    Futurama Season 3 DVD Contest

    Time for some trivia game!
    FOX Home Entertainment sponsored 5 Futurama Season 3 DVD sets for a little contest. Get the five answers right and have a chance to win!
    The contest ends March 5th so that all the winners have enough time to cancel the preorders they hopefully arranged for
    So, US American Futurama fans, get guessing!

    UPDATE: Canadians are fine now, too.
    22-02-2004 | | 33 comments Jump to last comment on 'Futurama Season 3 DVD Contest' View 'Futurama Season 3 DVD Contest' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Futurama Season 3 DVD Contest'

    Box Set Offers in the UK

    Amazon in the UK currently got a DVD boxset offer with 40% or more off of several sets. Among these are Futurama Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3 for £22 each. The normal price is set at £40.

    If you can wait a whole month, is taking preorders for a promotional version of all 4 sets for £15.99 each.
    22-02-2004 | | 23 comments Jump to last comment on 'Box Set Offers in the UK' View 'Box Set Offers in the UK' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Box Set Offers in the UK'

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