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Insane sounds are in

Our edel-transcriptor got the 'Insane in the Mainframe' sounds done. Have a hear at the pretty funny Roberto lines. Here is the Episode Guide for that one in case you forgot what it was about.

In other news, I hear season 5 wasn't yet officially ordered by Fox, but the artists at Rough Draft are pretty sure their winter pause will only last till march.

In yet other news, UK viewers call C4 at 02073 96 44 44 and ask for Futurama being shown on friday nights. Also, ask for Season 3 to be shown before June 2003, that's just ridiculous.

And lastly, Aussie viewers tune in to FOX8 at 6:30 Eastern Daylight-Saving Time for the start of season 3 (The Honking).
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