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One more day to wait

As read on the newsgroup a.t.f a while ago and posted by "Don Del Grande" here is which cities will get the new episodes how:

Most cities in the Eastern and Central time zones will see Futurama in its entirety, unless the local Fox station decides to show the Washington-Arizona game, in which case it will be joined in progress.

Most definitely a full episode for:
Charlotte, Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, New York

Slight chance of being shown in progress if the local football team's game is blacked out, but otherwise a full episode:
Atlanta, Buffalo, Dallas, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Tampa, Kansas City

Now the sad ones ...
Most likely to be shown in progress unless the local football team's game is blacked out:
Boston, Cincinnati, Minneapolis, Philadelphia

Pretty sure to be shown in progress:
Cleveland, Jacksonville, Memphis, Washington

Local FOX stations may choose to air futurama complete a bit later. Don't count on that though.

In Futurama words: If not pleased with FOX's Futurama treatment, write your congressman.

For those desperately waiting for the season 4 start tomorrow and not knowing what to do until then but fingernail biting: 1BDI sent us a new Fan Fic called Project ALBIA. Don't forget to give it a rating after reading.
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