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Today is the day

There you go, todays schedule for our US inhabitants:

06:00 am: We are past that, but that's when you should wake up on a usual sunday. Eat well, you will need it today.
10:00 am: Walk the dog/brother. Whatever applies to you. Visit CGEF.
01:00 pm: Sign up for PEEL
01:02 pm: Post on PEEL
05:00 pm: Get nervous, need to talk to someone, visit the chat
07:00 pm: You can't be reading this because you are

Watching the FUTURAMA Premiere

07:32 pm: Return to CGEF and post your review on the new episode for other fans and some of the Futurama Staff to read. After that, go to #futuramachat again to talk to other Futurama Fans.

Thanks, the management.

Update: On less fun news: The Futurama Outlet has closed its gates for good. It was always nice to have a second big page around to compete with. Thanks go to Robert, Darrell and the likes for helping to get Futurama on the web.
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