Can't Get Enough Futurama

Some one fat get in my waaaayyyy!!

So who's this strange looking guy?

Well it's me, reed! Some of you may remember me from a while back on the old CGEF and even further back on BBF, my own site. I know I haven't done anything around here since the opening (although some of my content has been on here), but since it's the long awaited season premiere tonight I thought I'd put up my 230+ scans as a celebration.

Or something...

Anyway, I should also have the season premiere Freeze Frame file up soon after the premiere and maybe a couple of scans from it. As should be the pattern for future episodes.
Anyway, tonight's season premiere, as you know, is about the crew travelling back to Roswell and getting involved with the famous Area 51. The episode's written by J.Stewart Burns(A Head in the Polls, The Cryonic Woman and the Futurama game) and is directed by the great Rich Moore(A Clone of My Own, Anthology of Interest)

And after the episode make sure you come back and chat in the chatroom and post your review!
Oh, and just some speculation for you UK fans... Sky One might be showing the banned Christmas ep 'A Tale of Two Santas' on Christmas eve. Hopefully I'll have confirmation of this very soon..
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