Can't Get Enough Futurama

except grandma and grandpa

There, it happened. Finally we got to see a new episode and what an episode it was. Great work Mr Burns!

Now, I hope you remember that we do not have any episodes for download here for many reasons, but we will try to get the screen shots and other things in as soon as possible. Just check back often

Now, if you didn't yet, take your time and review + rate the ep
Our aim is to get at least 15 reviews, but 30 would be fine also. Don't hesitate and give some feedback.

Pity that some of you only got to see parts of it
Doesn't look like FOX values it enough to show a premiere in its entirely around the states.

And yet more (sorry for having a long update again ) one of the real die hard fans - FrysGIRL - has sent in three of her Fan Art pictures. Thanks Nina.
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