Can't Get Enough Futurama

Final TV Ratings

Now the final ratings are in (last time was overnight ratings).
This time, I will compare the different shows on FOX (household rating/share):
  • Futurama 4.7 / 8
  • King of the Hill 5.3 / 8
  • The Simpsons 8.7 / 13
  • Malcolm in the Middle 8.6 / 12
  • The X-Files 6.0 / 8
    What does this tell us? While having the same market share as X-Files and KotH, Futurama was seen by quite some less people than those shows. Reason: Many people eat or do other things at 7 in winters. There, done ranting.

    Oh, and FrysGIRL send me a pic of what that naughty girl does during class. Thanks!
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