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new episode sounds and grab

The edel version of the sounds for episode 2ACV04 - Xmas Story and 3ACV09 - The Cyber House Rules are in. To all the involved hard working CGEF slaves: Lick my frozen metal ass.

You might be questioning yourself "where the hell are those non-mArc webmasters?" Well, they either got other obligations or work in the background on things you don't see. But lighten up, Andie will be back mid week and take over. In the meantime he gave me his newest scan which shows Zoidy with his hilarious face during the interrogation in the latest episode.

Make sure you review yesterday's rerun of Mother's Day even though you hated not seeing a new episode just like me, I bet.

  • Good news: We will see a new episode on 23rd (The much anticipated too violent Tale of two Santas which recently got a great 8/10 rating and editors' choice in TVGuide)
  • Bad news: no new episode on the 30th
  • Good news: instead Luck of the Fryrish is shown (really great one)
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