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Are you coming onto me?

Just before the new episode premieres, take a look at the (quite large) Freeze Frame file for Roswell That Ends Well. If you think I missed anything, remember to email me...The file for The Tale of Two Santas should be up on Wednesday. I'm sorry I didn't get it up this week(no, not that you moron!) but with it being the last week of work before Christmas it's been long hours...
Of course, tonight is the night! The rescheduled-cos-it-was-too-violent episode is on tonight(8:30/9:30, remember). The episode is written by Bill Odenkirk('How Hermes...', 'Insane in the Mainframe') and is directed by Ron Hughart('Fry & the Slurm Factory', 'Raging Bender', 'War is the H Word'). Contrary to what a lot of people have said, John Goodman is NOT voicing the Robot Santa in this episode. He was busy filming when the part was recorded. So John DiMaggio voices him tonight(and I'm sure he'll do just as good a job!)Coolio also stars as Kwanzaabot as Bender takes over the duties of Santa while the citizens of NNY are still under the impression he is evil...

Also, for all you music fans, this episode features another song penned by the master of ceremonies: Ken Keeler.
Remember to post your review after! And, if you haven't already done it, download this amazing music video!
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