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Silly wabit, Rix are for kids

Rix Products
Rix Products is producing many Futurama products including coasters, playing cards, and wastebaskets. Here is more info and pics:

Rix: Limited Edition Bender Playing Card sets of two decks in tin holder:
The graphics were designed by animators of the show and meant to look like
traditional playing card art.

Each Card:
King of Spades = Morbo
King of Diamonds = Professor Farnsworth
King of Hearts = Zapp
King of Clubs = Lrrr
Queen of Spades = Mom
Queen of Hearts = Amy
Queen of Diamonds = Gender Bender
Queen of Clubs = Lrrr's Wife
Jack of Diamonds = Hermes
Jack of Spades = Fry
Jack of Clubs = Doctor Zoidberg
Jack of Hearts = Leela
Joker 1 = Bender
Joker 2 = Flexo

*available in April*


Rix: Slurm Can Playing Card:
No pictures or info is available for this set. But it will be the same size and look the same as THIS.

Rix: Drink Coasters
This is a set of 4 Futurama coasters made for drinks. They are currently only one set featuring Bender, but if this product does well, they will continue making new series of Futurama coasters. This set features Bender and is made out of tin:
1. Olde Fortran "Goes Down Smooth"
2. Lobrau Light "Light Beer is for Real Men!"
3. Lobrau Beer "You're Payin'!"
4. Benderbrau "Bet You Can't Hit the Toilet from Here!"

Updated the Pop-out people section with new pictures and such. There's going to be an #9 out soon of it.

Also, updated the webnews section and merchandise section slightly.

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